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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Public service announcement
delirium happy
I do not like april fool's day. It is a silly holiday. Practcal jokes are at best annoying and at worst, cruel. They are very seldom funny, and are mostly just another way of saying "being an asshat". I will not appreciate any april fools jokes that are played on me. I will not be playing any myself. I will not play along with anyone else's.

That is all.

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Yeah. I have a sticky note on my desktop reminding me that it's April Fool's Day. (Been up for a few days actually, so I wouldn't forget to put it up, or to take into account different time zones.) I did start to fall for a certain Australian's joke (*cough*) but it wasn't horribly traumatic or anything, and now I've been further reminded to stay far away from the internet tomorrow.

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