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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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More appartment stuff
delirium happy
I've been alternately thinking, "must do update about the progress on the flat because it's important" and "no point doing an update about that because it's boring. And thanks to the added factor of my inate apathy, the latter has been winning out. I'm bored now though, so I'm going to do an update.

As I mentioned, on Friday we actually completed. For those who aren't au fait with the lingo, this means that we actually own the place now. If I wanted to, I could go and live there. Of course, I don't want to just yet because it's lacking a few essentials like a phone line, a bed and carpets. But I could do if I wanted.

Then on Saturday, we went to John Lewis and bought a whole lot of stuff. Specificly:

This desk. The thingy on the right is a keyboard tray that attaches to it.

This chair, which I only sat in at first to check if the desk was a decent height, but then discovered that it was quite possibly the most comfortable computer chair I've ever sat in. It also has arms which come separately.

Some of these units. Specificly, the big bookcase and the CD unit. I'm not sure if that colour is right though. They actually match the desk.

Two of these.

And one of these, in black.

This TV, which is currently sitting just over on the other side of the room, showing SG1, as it's much better than any other TV I have.

This microwave. I think. It's a fairly small stainless steel one at any rate.

This kettle. Although not the toaster.

This toaster instead.

And there's also a table that we got from Habitat the previous weekend, which I can't link to because their site uses flash and is evil. It's a karina table though if anyone cares to look it up. Which you won't.

So it was a very succesful trip, all in all.

We then went up to Lancaster and actually had a look at the appartment. It's nice. There are a few little bits that haven't been done how they should have been (like the kitchen drawers which are bloody stupid because the bottom shelf of the drawer is about halfway up its front wasting a lot of space) but mostly it's just peachy.

And then we're having floor coverings put in either today or tomorrow (I forget), and a bed is being delivered on Friday. My dad phoned BT yesterday and we should have a working phone line a week tomorrow. At that point, I think it'll be sufficiently done for me to be able to move in comfortably. Just in time for going back to uni the following monday.

We still need to get a fridge before then mind. And light fittings would be nice. And we need a sofa. We've found two nice ones so far, but one of them didn't come in the colours originally claimed but only in horrible ones, and the other was very expensive. And to order ADSL after the phone line exists. And shelving in the store cupboard. And a toilet roll holder. And... well, you get the picture. It's all going nicely though.

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all very contemporary. what sort of colours are you doing, aside from black?

For the living room (which has the kitchen off to one end) our plan is to find a sofa first and then go from there as otherwise you can guarantee that we'll end up with a horribly clashing sofa. And then once we've got that sorted then we'll get things like curtains, throws, a rug (there'll be laminate flooring in there) and so on for colour. I'm currently thinking probably dark orangey brown type colours. Terracotta, rust, that general sort of area. Although that is subject to change, obvioulsy.

The bedroom is going to be be blues. We've already got the bedlinen, which is blue, and the carpet is going to be a fairly neutral slightly bluish grey. We haven't got the curtains yet.

And the bathroom is going to be fairly neutral. Just about the only colour will be the towels, some of which are black and some purple.

All the walls are just painted white, and they're going to stay that way for now at least, as there isn't really time to think about doing anything else with them now. Possibly over the summer or something I'll think about changing that, but I'm guessing that most of the walls will end up being covered either with furnitre or pictures or similar, so I'm not sure whether I will or not.

Oooh, I saw a desk like that the other day while I was shopping for bookcases. I was very tempted to buy it until I remembered how many bills I had left to pay this month.

Actually, I think the bookcases I bought were very similar to the second from the right in the picture you have here. Cool.

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