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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
I'm now moved in. Finally. Only about 5 months later than it was meant to be, but not to worry. I'm in. I'm here. I'm spending the night here tonight. I will only be going back to my parents' to visit, or to collect some of the stuff that hasn't been brought up yet (and there's a lot of that). It's all exciting.

I still have a lot to do though. I've not even started any of the unpacking. I need to do all the wiring for the computers, and for the TV. I need to put RJ45 plugs on the end of the cat5 cable in the store room (though I did one of them last night so I know I can). And I need to unpack things obviously. But it's all furnished and nice and good and I'm going to like it here a lot.

Naturally, the first thing I did upon getting here was to get out the laptop and go on IRC. Then check my email (I got 2 spam). Then write an LJ entry. I'm such a hopeless geek.

But eeeeeeeee! I'm moved. That is all.

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Many dancing rodents!

Ooh, eeee! yay for you! :)

Hurrah! Congratulations, "about time too"s, and all that.

(Remember the order of the pairs matters in cat5, just in case you'd forgotten/managed to avoid having to worry about such things)

I'm not that lucky :)

The correct order of the wires within the plug was ascertained by a careful combination of:

examination of existing wires
looking it up on wikipedia
trial and error

I managed to get the first one on having only destroyed two others in the process (the first was destroyed figuring out the mechanics of fitting the wires in, working the crimping tool, etc. and the second due to having got the wires in the wrong order). Which I think bodes fairly well.


what's it like?

Congratulations... and enjoy!

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