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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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People are odd
delirium happy
I provide this story to you without commentary, because really, there are no words:

Rachel is walking home from the supermarket, minding her own business. Walking in the opposite direction is random girl

Random girl: Excuse me?
Rachel: Hmmm?
Random girl: You look like Michael Jackson.


Random girl: Do you like him?
Rachel: Not really, no.
Random girl: Well, you look like him.

after a second, Rachel starts to walk off, shaking her head

Random girl: Are you queer?
Rachel: (over shoulder) Yep!
Random girl: Bend over!

Rachel keeps on wallking, still shaking her head

Random girl: (calling after her) I said that in the good way!

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Unless you've majorly changed something about your appearance since I last saw you, you don't look like Michael Jackson. Oh the sheer boggle of it all.

Agreed, except I've only seen a photo.
*joins in boggling*

I think we have to at least consider the possibility that Michael Jackson has changed his appearance since we last saw him, and now looks uncannily like Rachel.




Okaaaay. I'm trying to think under what circumstances you could look like Michael Jackson, and failing miserably. People are wierd.

Did your nose fall off when I wasn't noticing?

I think RandomGirl was high or something. In what way is "Bend over" to be interpreted "in the good way"?

You're right. There really are no words....


... what? why?

Yes, very boggling. Starting with telling random people that they look like some random celebrity, and getting more boggling.

Now, that sort of thing just doesn't happen in Canterbury...


people amaze me.

I said that in the good way!

*blink* oooookay .... people are weird.


I believe this entry has the potential to break the record for Most Ellipses Used in Comments. And with good reason.


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