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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Meme // prospective geektoy purchases
delirium happy
Meme: Find the 42nd entry in your journal. Then take the 4th word of that entry, and then the second letter of that word. Then convert that letter to a number in accordance to where it is in the alphabet, ie. a=1, b=2 ... z=26. Then pick up the nearest DVD to you, and play it until the counter on your DVD player reads that many minutes. Then count the number of words that are said in the following minute. Arrange your books by ISBN, backwards. Then pick out the one in the position equal to the number of words you just counted. Count the number of letters in the title and turn to that page. Then count the number of words in the title, and take that numbered sentence on the page you just turned to. Then forget about this and make whatever entry you were just about to make anyway.

So, I'm thinking about buying a new geektoy. Only I'm not entirely certain what I want to buy. The two things that I'm considering are either a digital camera, or a nice keyboard -- ergonomic, lots of buttons, etc, etc.

Advantages of the digital camera:

I don't actually have a camera of any description at the moment. Unless you count the craptastic webcam
It's cooler
I get to show you all what my new appartment is like

Advantage of the keyboard:

Probably more useful in the long run
My wrists would thank me
Less danger of it getting put to one side and not used for months at a time

So, naturally, I come to LiveJournal for counsel. And I do not doubt that you will say both yes, no, maybe and ask another community.

Poll #287038 geek toys

Which should I get?


Further advice, third options, petitions to get both or neither, specific models or brands to get or avoid, and cries of "mongoose!" are all welcome in comments.

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If you're getting a camera

If you plan to take a lot of photos indoors, especially in low light, do not get a Fujifilm camera. Mine (received as a Christmas present) takes fantastic pictures outdoors but is basically useless in low light. My camera is the discontinued FinePix 3800 model (very cheap right now) so that may account for some of the weirdness but the folks at the local camera shop do not generally recommend the FinePix cameras even though Fuji is practically their in-store brand. Short of buying a digital SLR (my heart's desire if I could ever afford it), the FinePix series are a good deal for a person like me who wants some manual control... provided you'll always have a steady supplies of batteries (two LCD displays gobble up power) and plenty of light.

One guy at the camera shop has a special fondness for Canon cameras. Judging by his description, several Canon models would have been perfect for my needs. Can't tell you much more than that but I've seen him recommend them to a lot of customers.

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