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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Listen up, and listen up good
delirium happy
OK, I really shouldn't have to say this, but going off past experience it will save on the drama if I do say it.

I have just removed 27 people from my friends list. If I have removed you it does not mean:

I hate you
I don't want to be your friend any more
I am writing spiteful things about you in friends only entries
I am part of an international conspiracy to hide the fact that aliens killed JFK
etc. etc.

What it probably means is that:

You write a lot of entries about things that I'm not interested in
I find myself skipping over your entries more often than I find myself reading them
I believe that you are part of an international conspiracy to hide the fact that aliens killed JFK
etc. etc.

As such, please do not take this personally in any way shape or form. I probably like you a great deal, but I just don't want to read your journal any more. It's that simple. You're welcome to keep on reading my journal, commenting on it, or whatever if you wish to do so. Or defriend me in a fit of pique and outraged jealousy. Or defriend me for the same reasons I just defriended you. Whatever.

Very sorry to everyone else for the friends page spam, but I don't feel like dealing with the drama this has caused me in the past.

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it does not mean I am part of an international conspiracy to hide the fact that aliens killed JFK

Dammit! But that's the reason I read your LJ! ;)

I never said that I wasn't. Just that the defriendings have nothing to do with that.

So, if we didn't get removed, does that mean you're writing hateful things about us in custom-friends groups?

Not at all! She's open and honest and writes hateful things about us in public! :D

Wow.. I made it past the cut! :D

See guys, the secret to keeping your friends is to never make any entries, ever!

Good for you! It's your journals-watched list and your life. I wish people didn't have to make disclaimers like this, but I really do have people on my own list who would bitch and cry if I took them off... Argh. So I do the coward's way, custom filtering.

I used to do a whole lot of custom filtering, but eventually I figured that they were just being a great big mess, and were confusing me (like when there were people who I thought were in my default view who weren't, for instance), so then I went back to basics and got rid of all the friends groups, and just started defriending people. And yes, I have had Drama over it in the past; hence the disclaimer.

OK, that answers the question "Why not simply chuck them off Default View while keeping them friended?".

BTW, I appreciate your making this entry to explain.

Oooh, I made the cut. I feel sped-cial. :)

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