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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Bit, the bianry sexbot
delirium happy
You know it's odd, I go weeks without anything interesting to say, and now I have ideas for four or five different things I want to write about. It's like bloody buses, I tell you. So let's start with thi one.

In my current IRC Channel Of Choice, there lives a bot. And this bot's name is bit. He is bit, the binary bot. Bit is a very simple bot. A bot of few words. If you ask him a question then he will reply either yes or no, at random. that's essentially all that he does. Now bit reminds me of a whole lot of things, but most recently he's been reminding me a great deal of BDSM. No, really.

See, a lot of people will ask bit a question: "should I eat icecream rather than actually cooking?" "should I wear my hair up today?" "should I carry on wasting time on IRC when really I should be writing my paper?" and so on and so forth. And the amazing thing is that people actually listen to what the bot says. Intelligent, logical, thoughtful people will take the advice of a random number generator.

In some sense, this may seem a bit odd, but I don't really think that it is. It's about not having to make decissions. It's the sense that somehow if you aren't the one who chooses, you aren't the one who's responsible. Paradoxically, not having a choice gives you the freedom to not have to make a choice, which is sort of liberating.

And this has always been one of the aspects of BDSM that has always fascinated me the most. The paradox of choice versus freedom. If you have all choices taken away from you and are left with only a single alternative, then you can't possibly do the wrong thing. There's no responsibility, and no fear of failure. This is essentially the exact same thing as following bit's advice.

I've done this sort of thing myself. Many of you will remember rhoisnuts, from just over a year ago, where I raised something like £100 for comic relief by spending a week just letting you people vote on what I should do, essentially. Again, it's the same thing. In a way, giving up ones freedoms is intoxicating.

And yet, without choice, and without freedom, what are we? If all we can do is what we are told to do then we become nothing but mindless automatons. No matter how unpleasant it may be, it's important to take responsibility for our own actions. It's important to say, "yes, that was me. I fucked up. And because I fucked up, I'll work doubly hard to fix things". It's important to be able to say "I don't like the way that things are being done, so I'm going to stand up and be counted, to try to make things better". It's important to matter.

As in all things, there is a balance to be sought, and this balance is in knowing what is important and what isn't. So, ask a random number generating bot to decide what you should have for dinner tonight, or have your sexual partner dictate your life for an evening, if that's what you want to do, but don't let either of them dictate your life. The important decissions in each person's life belong solely to that person. Nobody else can make them. And it is those important choices that define who we are.

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Mind if I link to this in the midst of a noodle about responsability as it pertains to myself?

Good thoughts.

I remember rhoisnuts. That was a very good thing you did, and without any demands being made on you by anyone else.

Good heavens, rhoisnuts is hilarious. I must read it more in depth when I have the time.

P.S. I am disappointed that the pictures are gone.

They are still around, but they've moved. The server that they were on lived in our house at the end of our ADSL line. When my housemates and I all went our separate ways, the server moved too, obviously, and was also reformatted. While I could have put them back up in the same place, there wasn't all that much point, since it wasn't local any more. They're now sitting at http://www.boredom.org/~rho/rnd03/ in all their embarassing glory, and should be fairly easily navigable.

And, to complete the circle... said server has recently blown a motherboard due to excessive BDSM activity by IRC bots. ;)

Ahahaha thank you, pure gold, that. :)

rho, I don't have anything interesting to add to this, but I thought you should know that I really enjoyed this entry. :-)

Maybe unusually, I ask Bit questions, but don't often do what he(it) suggests, which makes me wonder why I bother asking in the first place....I think that has something to do with attention seeking/wanting some sympathy for what I have to do/some encouragement to do support.

I'm the same. Granted I often listen to it. But "Bit, should I go have a cigarette (YES) or just go to bed (NO)?" "NO" "Bah, having a quit smoke then bed BAIE EVERYBODY"

rho, since I'm not commenting twice, thanks for the thought fodder. :)

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Didn't Dave Gorman do that with horoscopes?

(Deleted comment)
Well yes and no. If anyone ever seriously told me, in any circumstances at all to go knife a random person on the street, then I'd tell them to go fuck themself. Blindly following orders doesn't absolve one of anything, you're right. But the point, or one of the points, I'm trying to make is that most decissions that we make really don't matter. I don't know about you, but I've agonised silly little choices in the past and eventually decided pretty much at random. Those are, I think, the choices that are nice to have made for us.

I'm not really conveying my thoughts very well here. Essentially, yes, I agree with you. The balance that I mentioned is in knowing when you are letting someone else dictate, and when you are being coerced. he balance is in being constantly aware and able to say no at any time. The balance is in seeing what matters and what doesn't.

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