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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I read on the Internet that a scientist said it, so it must be true.
delirium happy
Scientists today announced a recent discovery that could change the way we think about the human mind. In the past genes have been discovered for various traits, the maths gene, the hypochondriac gene and the misanthropist gene being three of the best understood examples, but this announcement puts all of these in the shade.

A top expert from the university of Timbuktu, where the research was carried out had this to say:

"We have finally discovered the gene that causes people to believe that all human traits and attributes can be attributed to a single gene. It took months of searching, but we finally tracked it down to the fifth chromosome on the left as we look at it, on that little squiggly chromosome."

While secrecy in genetic research is something of a fact of moderr life, due to the large amounts of money involved in medical research, these cryptic comments have already lead to speculation among other geneticists. Gilbert Ibble of the University of Wyoming believes that the little squiggly chromosome in question may be the Y chromosome, leading him to believe that this condition may be sex based.

When asked about Gil's theory, a female colleague just laughed. "Don't be silly", she said. "Not everything can be traced back to a single gene this simply."

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I wonder if they found it right next to the "puts ketchup on everything" gene.

Are you aware of the genetic basis for the tendency to explain sex differences in biological terms?

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