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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Good things don't end in -eum; they end in -mania or -teria
delirium happy
So who here knows anything about biploar disorder? I ask because I wonder if I have tendencies in that direction. But on the other hand, I worry that I also have hypochondriac tendencies, so who knows.

That I have depressive tendencies is news to approximately nobody. The way I tend to describe depression is this: imagine that you're doing something like skydiving. You're about to leap off the plane, and even though you want to do it, there's something holding you back. You have to put a concerted mental effort into actually making the leap. Depression is when you have to put that mental effort in just to put one foot in front of the other. It's where there's a fog between your brain and your body and everything is out of focus, and nothing really matters anyway.

And occasionally, not often, but occasionally, I have spells where I'm the exact opposite of that. I particulalry remember one instance, when I was in 6th form, where I started leaping over desks and then banging my head into a wall. These are, I guess, mania. I had such a spell last night. Everything was more vivid than normal. More urgent. Instead of being held back from doing things, I couldn't stop. The instant I thought of doing something, I did it. There was no self-censorship, and no holding back. I couldn't sit still, and had to be doing things. Had to press things through. It felt like instead of having underactive neurotransmitters as is the case with depression, I had overactive neurotransmitters, that were overpowering the negative feedback (and bleh. I can't remember enough neurochemistry to remember the proper name for that).

So, two questions, for those who know what they're talking about. Firstly, is what I describe consistent with my tentative self diagnosis of bipolar tendencies. Secondly, given that I don't actually get that way very often, would I be correct that it isn't actually something that I should consider problematic?

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Actually, one of the first things a psychiatrist will do if they suspect you are bi-polar is put you on SSRIs for a short amount of time, usually on a fairly low dosage. It triggering a form of mania (there are multiple kinds of mania, something people rarely know) is one of the only absolutely-positive ways of telling if someone is bi-polar.

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