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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Miaow? Let me in!
delirium happy
For maths, I have a thing called FLAP. This is, essentially, a textbook which is not a textbook. Instead, it's a lever-arch file full of printed notes, which serves exactly the same purpose as a textbook. FLAP stands for Flexible Learning Approach to Physics, which is itself a fairly bad acronym, but nothing too remarkable.

Today, however, while I was revising meant to be revising but actually procrastinating by leafing through FLAP, I discovered that as well as the lever-arch file, they also offer some sort of computerised self test type things. These are called Computer Aided Teaching for the Flexible Learning Approach to Physics. There is no hope for humanity.

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Good to see they're finding jobs for out-of-work astronomers... :)

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