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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Seething Rage Of Doom
delirium happy
Oh, I am so beyond pissed off right now. All this evening, I've been able to smell a faint smell of mint (which I ought to add is a smell that makes me feel ill), but have been too tired to really think about it. I just now discovered what the source of it was.

While I was in the cinema, one of the *censored*s sitting behind me put gum in my hair. The only positive to this that I can think of is that I've now found somebody to hate even more than BT. I just had to ut a relatively large clump of hair out. Fortunately, it was sufficiently far from the scalp and I have a sufficiently large amount of hair, that I don't think it will actually show. I then spent far longer than was strictly necessary washing my hair, and I know that every time I encounter any sort of hair tangle in that region for the next few weeks I'm going to get horribly paranoid about it.

I mean please, in what sort of society is this in any way acceptable behaviour? Well, none, obviously, but it seems to me as if children are generally immune to the rules of civilised society these days. I have absolutely no problem (well, not much of a problem) with the fact that little kids can be snotty and annoying. Part of growing up is learning what is and isn't acceptable behaviour. But until they've managed to learn that line they need to be monitored and disciplined. With rights come responsibilities, and all that stuff.

Oh, fuck this. I don't have the energy or the zen to come up with an articulate rant at the moment, and I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir anyway, so I shall just say this: fucking bollocking bloody fucking sodding fucking shitty fucking fuckety fucking bitchy fuckers!

And the most annoying thing is, there's nobody who I can target my frustration at. Even if I could track down the kids, I'm sure they wouldn't give a damn. I highly doubt that their parents would either. I'm half tempted to confront the cinema to ask them what steps they take to ensure that irresponsible people who might make antisocial actions aren't allowed into the cinema without supervision or monitoring, and why they expect me to ever go there ever again, but really, it wouldn't actually accomplish anything.

Mummy, i don't like this world. Can I have a new one?

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That... is inexcusable.

In the unlikely event of such a thing ever happening again, before you hack out the large clump of hair, you should try freezing the gum -- that is, hold an ice cube to it. Reportedly, when the gum freezes, it pries out of hair quite easily.

There is no way I would have gotten away with that as a kid. I would have been made to apologize, then removed from the movie, then confined to my room for longer than Sirius Black was locked up in Azkaban.

that happened to me at school once. only it wasn't one big lump, they'd flicked little bits into my hair when sitting behind me in class

ick! yuck! etc

much sympathy

Lock the fuckers in a wooden rabbit until they suffocate!

The same thing happened to me when I was at middle school - we used to have to get a taxi to and from school as we lived on army camp at the time, and as I was the smallest (yes, I was small once!) I got to sit in the front with the driver. The older kids at the back stuck chewing gum in my hair up near my neck, and I could nearly sit on my hair at the time... Mum was not best amused, as my hair was so entangled she had to get my hair cut off. :-(

Cinema-worker-side answer:

We try to disallow gum in the cinemas (from when I was working there), however, we can't check everyone's bags and it's difficult to check a dark screen for 1 person in 100 chewing. If someone got gum on our clothes, then we offer to pay the dry cleaning bill as a courtesy, if it's on the seats, we need to freeze it. Next time, ask someone who works there as if it's anything like UCI then there's chemicals for freezing the damn stuff in the cleaning cupboard.

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