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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Nothing is ever easy
delirium happy
This morning was my final exam. Technically, given that it's past midnight, yesterday morning was my final exam. Given that the exam started at 09:30, and given that it takes about half an hour for the bus ride in, I decided to set my alrm for 07:30, to give myself plenty of free time. Then, like any sensible person, I went to bed relatively early.

Unlike any sensible person, I then read my book (Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb (which incidentally has a dedication "To pi". I was one letter away!)) until I finished it. At gone 04:00. Oops.

I then woke up at 08:50. Some of you may have noticed the problem here, involviong the length of time between waking and taking the exam, compared with the length of time required for the bus journey. So, I rushed out of bed, showered, dressed and got ready as quickly as I possibly could, and ran out of the door.

More by look than judgement, there was a bus in the bus station that left very shortly after I arrived. More by look then judgement, it was the number 3 bus, which is fairly direct and hence the second fastest bus I could catch. More by look then judgement, it stopped at the bit of the university close to the exam, rathe than far away (I've yet to determine any discernable pattern in this behaviour). So, I got off the bus, and ran to the exam, arriving after everyone else had gone in, as the invigilator was explaining the exam regulations (which I'd heard twice before).

I finally sat down just in time to start the exam feeling exhausted and overheated from too much running around, hungry and thirty from not having time for so much as a drink before I left, tired from lack of sleep, and coming down from an adrenaline high. I can now confirm that this is not, in fact, the best state in which to attempt an exam.

Even so, I managed to do question 1 with no difficulty, and then most of question 2 was relatively straight forward as well. Unfortunately, it seems that my attempts to slow myself down somewhat had worked only two well, as I noticed that I was well behind schedule at this point. Even so, I managed to make a reasonable attempt at questions 3 and 5, and a complete hash of question 4. Given the circumstances, it could hae been worse.

Of course, as this module was 70% coursework and had a pass mark of 35%, the only thing I needed to do to pass was turn up and write my name. Turning up very nearly proved to be a stumbling block, but I did just about manage to avoid it. Writing my name I think I've probably managed. Given that each question was to be answered in a separate answer book, I had 5 attempts at it. I think I'm probably safe.

So that's it. Exams over. A year over. Technically, I have two pieces of coursework that are due in on friday, but they're worth such a tiny percentage of the year's mark, and given that this year doesn't count to my overall degree, I have a sneaking suspicion that they may end up not being done. But even so, a year over. I've never made it this far through a university course before. I think I shall go to sleep fora few days.

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Blimey - that's the kind of stuff that exam nightmares are made of. bad enough dreaming it, but actually experiencing it? Ick.

Congrats on being done!

That's gotta be even more nerve wracking than when the car decided to pour smoke out from under the bonnet (I was burning out the clutch - I think) when I was on the way to sit my last exam of the year!

Well done. :)

Was it an exam with plenty of maths? I only ask because all the typos seem to be numbers, which is kind of cool.

Good news about exams being over, my brother is off until October now, lucky sod, I only get that by being in pain :/


It's a big relief when its all over for 3 months!

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