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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Sturgeon's law and the battle of the sexes
delirium happy
One thing that I swear I will never understand is the whole battle of the sexes thing. I see people saying "boys suck", or "girls suck" (actually, mostly it's just "boys suck" for some reason; I probably just hang around too many gay men or something). But anyway, I see people saying things like that, and I just don't understand it. It's not that I disagree with them, it's just that they're missing the point. Certainly, 90% of boys do suck. This is because 90% of everything sucks. Including 90% of girls. Yet again, sturgeon's law saves the day. To me, it just seems ludicrously over-specific. It's something like saying "all women have heads". Well yes they do, but it's hardly a trait that's unique to women.

I propose that the battle of the sexes be declared a stalemate.

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Nope. I hate to say it, but my experience has shown that only about 75% of women suck, whereas about 95% of men suck.

But then, I could just be PMSing really bad and having been crapped on by my husband on Friday night (not literally).

I find that a lower percentage of queer people suck than straight people. Then again, my sample may be skewed.

I would say the other way around, but then all my politics, activism and organising has been amongst queer people, and nothing but nothing brings out the suck more than that.

One word: Football.

See I've avoided football, all I see it bringing out is flags on cars.

Now alcohol, that brings out suck, if I happen to be out walking at 11:30pm on a Friday anyway, or outside nightclubs late at night. That's more to-be-avoided scariness though, the politics suck is all the more sucky because it sucks you in... or stalks you.

Amen to that. My sister has pajamas that say "boys are stupid, throw rocks at them." Rather idiotic.

(Deleted comment)
I propose that the battle of the sexes be declared a stalemate.
*cheers enthusiastically* I'll go with that.

Had a friend who was going through troubles with his girlfriend and complaining to me, I really don't understand how you can be attracted to women! Women are impossible! and so forth. I assumed he was going to say something sexist about women being all irrational and expecting partners to be mindreaders or something. But it turned out that he just went on into general rant about the difficulties of student relationships with no reference to gender at all. Weird.

Heh - when I meet up with my lesbian friend, when we are ranting about men in general, we say "Men!" and when we are ranting about women in general, we say "Women!" - so actually we both think nearly everyone suck no matter the gender but "People!" doesn't work as well ;) (Especially if said in BSL...)

But yeah that idea of the battle of the sexes being declared a slatemate is excellent - I'll go for that ;)

I propose that the battle of the sexes be declared a stalemate.

*waves a flag in support* We should have t-shirts saying that. My mum's office is mainly women, and it drives me up the wall to hear all the 'men' complaints. I feel like screaming 'women are just as bad, you know!'. It's made more annoying by the fact that I know plenty of men that don't have the traits that they're complaining about that supposedly all men have. People. Are. All. Fucking. Different. Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

Your sheep icon rocks. *pets it*

I've always been a bit of a conscientious objector in the battle of the sexes, but I'm all for a stalemate if that means we can get on with something important like vi vs emacs... :)


Sturgeon's law works well for text editor wars too, of course :)

Does that mean I have to change my personals profile so it no longer says what I learned from past relationships is that "women can't be trusted"?

I have to say, I find the *stereotypes* associated with women to be mostly positive, and those associated with men to be mostly negative - but that's a subjective thing. I just tend to avoid people who display too much supposedly "male" stereotypical behaviour...

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