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Sturgeon's law and the battle of the sexes
delirium happy
One thing that I swear I will never understand is the whole battle of the sexes thing. I see people saying "boys suck", or "girls suck" (actually, mostly it's just "boys suck" for some reason; I probably just hang around too many gay men or something). But anyway, I see people saying things like that, and I just don't understand it. It's not that I disagree with them, it's just that they're missing the point. Certainly, 90% of boys do suck. This is because 90% of everything sucks. Including 90% of girls. Yet again, sturgeon's law saves the day. To me, it just seems ludicrously over-specific. It's something like saying "all women have heads". Well yes they do, but it's hardly a trait that's unique to women.

I propose that the battle of the sexes be declared a stalemate.

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My girlfriend has that on a poster :/

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