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delirium happy

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The iminent death of LiveJournal
delirium happy
mendel posted recently in lj_biz about how weblogs.com had recently shut down, quickly and without warning, leading to several people being Very Pissed Off. This has left me thinking, what is my emotional investment in LiveJournal? How would I feel if something similar happened to LiveJournal?

Now, I'll make it clear, I don't think that LiveJournal is going anywhere, but it's possible. It's possible that some act of God might physically wipe out all the servers. It's possible that someone with a lot of money and some crack lawyers might decide they didn't like LiveJournal. It's possible that bradfitz might have a nervous breakdown and rm -rf / all LiveJournal servers. You just never know.

So with that in mind, what would I lose if LiveJournal disappears of the face of the earth? The two most important things, I think, would be the archive of my entries, and access to people I know on LiveJournal. The fromer wouldn't be too bad, because I've downloaded most of my entries, and do so periodically. It's a crappy format, and I'd lose a few recent entries, and it doesn't download comments, so i's not ideal, but that would take away a lot of the sting. And I only occasionally want to look up things from the past anyway, so that's not too bad.

As for contact with people, I think that most of the LiveJournal people who I would miss, I have means of contacting them outside of LiveJournal. I rely rather too much on @livejournal.com email addresses now though, so that could be highly annoying. i ought to compile a list of email addresses of my friends list at some point.

In terms of how much I'd actually miss if it was gone, I don't think it would be too bad. LiveJournal isn't a terribly important part of my life any more. It's something that I do, but nothing I coulnd't live without, or get used to being without. I'm not so accustomed to writing things onto LiveJournal that I'd accutely miss it if it weren't there. In a way, I think I'd be glad. LiveJournal somewhat encourages a one-size-fits-all approach to information excahnge and friendships and I rather miss the days where friendships were just one on one, and if I wanted someone to know something I had to tell them. It would also be somewhat fun to get into using some other web logging system. On the other hand, I would definitely miss the aggregation of the friends page, but it would be an excuse to get to play with RSS aggregators.

Overall, I think I'm fairly well set. It's something interesting to think about though, and I rather suspect not something that most people consider.

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you can download comments, though you'd have to reattach them to the entries yourself.



You can also download your journal with comments via LJBook.

I've considered the whole importance-of-my-journal thing. I'd be pretty crushed if LJ departed abruptly, although less so now that I have a comprehensive backup. I write most of my entries in text files and save them, so they're backed up, although not in a terribly ordered fashion. But it would really upset me to lose the comments, not to mention ongoing friend-access (although I imagine most of us would find each other again by word of mouth and shared off-LJ places).

*makes note of this*

I always learn useful things from you two.

(Deleted comment)
It seems to happen so often that a problem will come up in the blogging world that makes me want to say "But Usenet solved this years ago..."

Despite how much time I spend on LJ, if it were to totally disappear, I wouldn't mind that much.

I'd lose my entries, which would be a problem. I could still find the people, I think. And since my assistance wouldn't be needed, I wouldn't mind not giving it.

Oooh! You made me want to get all my LJ-entries downloaded and saved in a safe place. :)

There's a cool (Russian) programm which gets all (or some of) your posts with comments(!) and saves them in html format (using lynx scheme). It is called ljsm and can be found here: http://www.offtopia.net/~ati/ljsm/index_en.html (in English). I am getting all my journal downloaded.

I like my journal, as it is like a diary, that I kept when I was younger. I never have time for a paper diary now, but I can write everything in LJ. Just to keep track of my thoughts and deeds.

Thanks for the idea of downloading the journal. :)

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