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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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The fantabulous vanishing rho
delirium happy
So, it's been about 36 hours, and everyone who wanted to do so seems to have had their say. I'm out of here. I may or may not be back in August.

Should anyone wish to contact me in the meantime, my contact information is here (friends only), or you can email me at my LiveJournal address.

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I missed your first post on this, as it was Canada Day and I wasn't online at all that day. So it scrolled off before I read it.

I've always been terrible at making 'online friends'. I don't talk much on IRC, I don't like IM programs much, and while I'm good at replying to emails, for some reason I'm not usually the one to initiate that sort of contact. *shrug* Guess I'm mostly saying I see what you're talking about, although for me it isn't LiveJournal that's the problem -- I'm just not great at online socializing, mostly because I'm very slow to trust people.

Anyhow. I'll miss reading your posts. I hope you do come back after your time away. If you end up choosing not to, I wish you well and hope we run into each other somewhere else online someday.

hey i was just wondering how you add people on your friends list

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