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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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You always knew I'd never last the full month, right?
delirium happy
So I've decided to end my LiveJournal sebatical a week early. I've somehow managed to get myself more deeply involved with LJ documentation work while I've been gone (see lj_userdoc) and have discovered that doing LJ work without a friends page can be a Pain. So I'm back.

The sebatical had mixed results. It wasn't worthless, but it didn't really achieve all that I wanted it to achieve. It has made it clear, however, that I have approximately no friends (yes, that is said with tongue in cheek, thank you). It's also made it clear to me that i enjoy writing more than I enjoy reading. I missed having an audience. I'm an exhibitionist at heart, really. It's also made it clear to me that I will always be able to find more ways to procrastinate, but that some ways are more fun than others. For instance, I've done more on [[Wikipedia]] in the past three weeks than I have in the rest of forever. and while this isn't exactly productive, it's a lot more productive than sitting mindlessly refreshing a friends page waiting for an update to appear.

As such, I've drastically cut back on the size of my friends list. It was at 244 accounts. It is now at 58 accounts. As such, if I've defriended you, then it really, really doesn't mean that I think that you smell. There were a lot of people who are interesting and who I like a great deal, but who i removed anyway, as I was trying to be harsh. My theory was that it was better to remove too many and then slowly add back than to remove too few. So I'll likely read many of your journals manually from time to time, and may add some of you back at a later date. Or may not. Who knows. Of course, if you now go on to cause drama and claim that i hate you, then that probably will make me hate you. Naturally, you should all feel free to either continue reading my journal or not as you will. It doesn't bother me either way.

Equally, I should also add that you shouldn't read anything into it just because you are still on my friends list. Many of the decissions were almost entirely arbitrary, and would probably be different if I were to do the same thing again. Being on my friends list means nothing more than being on my friends list.

That is all.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! *hugs back*

Oh woe is me... rho doesn't love me any more! Boo hoo, sob sob, an' all that crap. Oh... you didn't anyway... oh well. *g* I'm gonna assume that as long as you're posting public posts you don't mind staying on our reading lists anyway - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Welcome back. :)

Bah. If you're going to cause faux-drama in my journal then you could at least make it convincing, damnit!

And yes. I'm way too jaded and cynical to see the LJ friends list as anything more than "people whose journals one reads suufficiently regularly to wish to have the convenience of friends-page aggregation". I have no problem with anybody reading my public entries and adding me to their friends list.

Welcome back. lj_userdoc is a good place to be around, I think.

LJ sabatticals are weird. I'm half on one and half not, because I read and I comment. We shall see what we shall see.

How are you doing these days? I really should IM you sometime, yes?

lj_userdoc is a good place to be around, I think.

Well, it both is and it isn't.

Much like everywhere on LJ really.

And I'm much the same as I always am really. Having my ups and downs, but largely content.

Thanks for the ride. :)
I'll still be hanging on watching if that's alright with you. *Goes back to the positon of lurker person whos reads and doesn't comment*

'Tis fine. I still love you 'n'all. Though honestly, why people feel the need to ask if it's ok with me is quite beyond me. Maybe I'm just odd.

It's good to have you back. ♥

It's good to be back.

At least mostly. I think that as long as I'm on LJ I will bitch about it (because God only knows that there's so much to bitch about), but if I didn't actually get something positive out of it, why on earth would I keep coming back for more?

Welcome back! :)
We I missed you!


How many times am I going to have to tell you to aim more carefully?

really doesn't mean that I think that you smell

Yeah, if that was defriending criteria, I'd be long gone. *sniffs his trainers and passes out*

And more importantly, I never would have friended myself in the first place.

(Deleted comment)
That "if" is somehow vaguely disconcerting. My past is slipping away from me. Again. Bad me.

Okie dokie. No drama-- I'm keeping you on my friends page, though.

Congrats on the docadmin job, by the way.

Oh noes! I'm still on the list. Wait...that doesn't make sense.

Oh yays! I'm still on the list.

And you mean it hasn't been a month yet? It's felt like forever already.

Is that the good sort of forever, or the bad sort of forever?

The "Wow. LiveJournal? That seems like a different lifetime. Can't think what I saw in it" sort of forever or the "Oh woe is me! Every day I spend away from LiveJournal is like an eternity of torment for me" sort of forever?

you removed me, and that's alright. i'll still keep you on my friendlist so you can check in on my journal, should you feel the need to. :)

i hope you do add me back, eventually, because i really did enjoy reading your posts. but, seriously, don't add me back because you feel like you should. add me back because i'm funny and cute or something.

But... you are funny and cute! I'm just notoriously flighty. Or something. You can still read (most of) my entries anyway though. I mostly post publicly.

But I do smell.

Love you, rho.

"My dog's got no nose"

"How does it smell?"



Hooray, welcome back *hug*

It's been sort of weird on lj without you around...

Hmmm? Why is that? Your friends page was short on cynicism or something?

Welcome back. And how do I find out if you think I smell?

Asking me would probably be a good first step. Although I suspect that my answer would be something along the lines of "insufficient data for meaningful answer"

I'm glad you're back, and I hope you find LJ a happier experience this time round. I was really pleasantly surprised when you friended me; I'd been thinking you were cool from IRC contact but not really feeling sure if you'd appreciate my friending you. Conversely I'm not at all bothered that you've unfriended me in this latest purge, especially since you've said you don't mind random people reading your journal.

With reference to your earlier post about LJ getting in the way of people actually getting to know eachother, I have IM details on my userinfo page (viewable to friends). If you feel I come into the category of people you'd like to get to know better you'd be very welcome to message me (or PM me when we're both in IRC if that suits you). And if not, that's cool; I'm not whining won't you be my friend? here. To my shame I'm rather bad at email; I tend to lag on correspondence even with people who are already very dear friends, let alone people I'm trying to get to know. So if you email me I will try to reply, but if I don't manage, please don't take it personally?

Um, yeah. Short, rho-style version: I'm inclined to like you, and I definitely think you're cool. But I'm not (I hope) putting pressure on you to like me or find me interesting.

I'm generally very bad at getting to know people. I'm distrustful, distant and can be somewhat abrasive. The conversation we were having the other morning on IRC is the perfect example of this. I hardly like anyone at first, and it takes a long time before I feel that I can trust someone.

I'm also extremely lazy and demotivated at just about everything, which extends into the "getting to know people". So, while I do generally like you and find you interesting (you stand up to me when I'm being deliberately contraversial, for instance, and say interesting and insightful things) I'm probably extremely unlikely to actual initiate conversation. But I'd be happy to talk if you poke me some time.