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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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My solitary post on the subject
delirium happy
I feel that I ought to post about this, both for the record and to let people know, but I'm kind of reluctant to do so due to the ludicrously high Drama quotient just now.

I have decided, for various reasons, that I'm leaving the #lj_support IRC channel, and for that matter, the entire network it is on. This is not without regrets, but I feel that it is the right thing for me to do. It's possible that I might go back at some point in the future, but I doubt it. Anyone from thereabouts who wishes to do so is welcome to contact me by other means. Anyone who wants more of an explanation will have to do likewise. (I know I owe one person an email on that front, and another person an unrelated email. I'm sorry, I suck, I'll try to get to them before too long.)

Comments are enabled, because I really don't like disabling comments, but even the slightest sniff of drama in there will be deleted with extreme prejudice.

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Yah. I understand. G'luck in all things of that matter and so on.

I appreciate your lack of drama. Though I'll miss your scathing wit and humour :)

I see the irony in your choice of music. ;)

As you know, I haven't been around #lj_support all that much lately, and therefore don't know much about what's going on there now, but I will say what I've always said: there's no shame in leaving somewhere if it doesn't suit you anymore, and no point in staying if it makes you more upset to stay there than it makes you happy to stay there.

Although, I am sure I can say with some certainty that your absence will be felt, just because you're so uniquely you. But at least you'll still be on the net. ;)

Oh, you'll find absolutely no shame coming from my direction over this. That's not my style. And believe it or not, the music was entirely accidentally and just what happened to be playing at the time. Looking at it now, I probably would have been better served by the music from my previous entry.

Looking at it now, I probably would have been better served by the music from my previous entry.

I get that. Really. :)

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