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LiveJournal memes considered harmful
delirium happy
To anyone who's done or is thinking of doing the LJ crush meme thing that is currently doing the rounds, I'd like to point out a few facts.

1. It claims that 53 people have crushes on me.
2. Wondeful, fantastic and sexy though I undoubtedly am, there is no fucking way that 53 people on LJ have crushes on me.
3. Their Terms of Service quite explicitly state that they can do whatever they want with your information, and also say "This is an object lesson. Don't give out information you don't want other people to see without reading the fine print."
4. It wasn't long ago that another similar crush meme sold people's information, causing a large number of people to throw quite bad (but rather amusing ) hissy-fits.

I'll let you draw your own conclusions from these datapoints.

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I clicked it to see if I could find out how many people listed me, but it wanted information from me, not just my username, so I figured I didn't care that much.

My thoughts exactly. I considered posting something snotty about it, but decided that would only encourage them.

So I have been saying and snerking about for a few days :)


Why is it so hard to believe that you would have 53 such x, s.t. hasCrushOn(x,rho)? ;) I might have a crush on you; and I shouldn't feel scared to admit that.

Well, let us first assume that the only people who are likely to have a crush on me are thos who list me as a friend. That's a total of 172 users. Let us then remove from that list roleplaying characters, people who no longer use LiveJournal, children under 10, serial adders, people's second or alternate journals, people I am certain are of the wrong sexuality to have a crush on me, and people who I'm certain haven't participated in the meme. That leaves 116 people, and that's being conservative in the people who I removed as entirely inplausible. Even so, this means that in order for 53 people to have a crush on me, this would be approximately half of the remaining possibilities. Given that I've almost certainly missed a good number of people who couldn't possibly have crushes on me, that actually equates to over half of the people who could even possibly have a crush on me. I highly doubt that there's a single person in the world who has that high a proportion of people they know having a crush on them, and that person certainly isn't me.

The reckless gesture of "serial-adding" is supposedly possible, but I doubt the probability is high that given someone adds *you*, they are doing so haphazardly.

Secondly, I hardly think it necessary that someone who has a crush on you be of the "right" sexuality (unless of course, you're only counting all x for which hasCrushOn is symmetric).

Thirdly, 'you're the famous Rachel Walmsley' (or at least I've read you say so), therefore it's not unthinkable that 'more than half of the people who could even possibly have a crush on' you, do.

And fourthly, I should never assume (unless it were true) that all the people who crushed you also befriended you in the livejournal sense.

Well, I haven't done the meme; so you can make that 115 if you haven't already discounted me. :)

Silly meme...

Well, I'm one of what you believe is less-than-53 ;P

2 people have crushes on me, supposedly. But it won't let me select any crushes; maybe if I try it in Safari, or maybe I have so many folks listed it broke its wee brain.

I remember the last meme. Heh.

Well mine has gone up to 12, so not quite on the same scale as yours.. but still not likely. I've given up on it.

Maybe they omitted a few words, and crushes actually includes people who don't have a crush on you, but would like to play kinky sex games that involve crushing fruit on you... kind of like that drink advert with the dominatrix screaming 'juice!'...

However, now I think on it, having a crush on you is probably statistically more likely than having a friends list full of BDSMers with a fruit fetish...

Maybe it means people who want to have a fruit crush drink with you. We all have to drink, after all.

I doubt you could possibly have guessed, but I have a crush on you! ;) And didn't do the meme. But you know that :)

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