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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Random crap
delirium happy
I'm feeling too lazy to write a proper entry of coherent thoughts and cogent prose, so instead you get a few random, unconnected snippets.

Female Olympic gymnastics is probably a violation of international human rights child labour laws. Discuss.

Spammers suck at keeping up with chnges to DNS. My email moved server recently, so I updated the MX records for my domain. The first email o get through to the new server was at about 8pm on August 10. About 4 or 5 hours later, the last non-spam email came to the old server. Spam has continued coming to the old server: the most recent being at about 5pm yesterday (the 16th). Silly spammers. I'm sure there must be some way to exploit this fact.

I recall the vague existance of a "say something about everyone on your friends list" meme, and remember being vaguely entertained by it but having far too large a friends list to do it myself. But I now realise that I don't any more. I may be half tempted to do it at some point. Or I may be lazy.

I used to have a set of personal rules for what sort of things I would let myself post here. How personal, how interesting, how filtered, or whatever. I've changed (a while ago) my rules to "whatever I feel like at the time". I rather like this system.

I'm getting pissed off with people asking for LJ support by comments in my journal. It's probably time for a FOAD disclaimer to reappear in my userinfo.

My sleep patterns are FUBAR at the moment. I've been awake since 23:00. Ho hum.

I'm apparently feeling too lazy to use the <acronym> tag.

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Yeah, gymnastics is messed up, but I think they're making improvements. I can't remember if it's the Olympics or some other gymnastics federation that's making you be at least 16 to compete. You are seeing older gymnasts in the Olympics now, and taller girls.

I did gymnastics for 6 years and I reached my peak around 12. Then I plateaued because I got taller and grew hips and boobs. Bummer. It's really a sport for children in a lot of ways.

Ugh. Seems that I too am "feeling too lazy to write a proper [comment] of coherent thoughts and cogent prose." Baaaa.

Disclaimers make no difference whatsoever. I have one, and still delete questions by the dozen. (okay, by the one or two a month, but that's less impressive).

I've just got 2 in as many days. Which is annoying. Maybe I need to make an S2 style with a big "fuck off" sign in blinkie letters on the comments page.

But you'll torture all of us if you do that! At least you could save yourself from the blinking by making it not visible to the journal owner, but since they won't add a "viewer_is_friend" sort of thing, the rest of us will be doomed to suffering through your blinking.

Hmmm. Maybe I could have it display only if an argument was passed in the URL, and then add that to the link from my lastn page, but obviously it wouldn't be present when viewed from other people's friends page. Only I'm not sure if that's possible or not.

"Female Olympic gymnastics is probably a violation of international human rights child labour laws. Discuss.

If I could read Romanian, I would absolutely get my hands on a copy of the book one of their former gymnasts (can't remember her name right now) wrote exposing all of the terrible things they do to their gymnasts there. Most of the former Soviet countries as well as China have "farms" set up where children are taken from their families at very young ages and forced to become perfect. It's terrible, but it's not just gymnastics.

It's slightly different, but Ukrainian gold medalists in any sport receive something like $100,000 per medal, which is quite a bit when you consider the average Ukrainian family makes $700 a month. They'll do darn near anything to win medals and gain international prominance, and if you don't win a gold, you're not good enough. A lot of national Olympic committees offer monetary rewards, but in Ukraine the cheque comes from the government itself, that's how desperate they are.

The non-gulag (using the ex-Romanian gymnast's term) operations aren't bad, though. In the U.S., Australia, Canada, and other countries, it's up to the girls whether or not they want to participate, and they get to keep most of their winnings, though almost all of what they do keep usually goes back into payments for gym use, coaches, personal trainers, etc. They also can get some really good endorsement deals, especially if they develop their own line of something, whether it be unitards or that disturbing glitter stuff they all smear on their bodies and hair.

So, I suppose it comes down to the system you're doing it under. In the U.S., you can do it till you're tired of it, and it's entirely voluntary. If you're in China, you're taken and shipped away to a remote national training center until you bring home a gold medal, and you're a shame to your nation if you don't succeed.

It was seeing some of the chinese gymnasts that prompted me to make that bit of the entry. I saw some of them on the television, and I don't know how old they actually were, but they looked about 12, and they looked truly haunted and totally lacking in any sort of life. No joy at al in what they were doing, and so on. It's all quite disturbing really.

*nods* The Chinese athletes are always the most disturbing, mainly because they never seem proud of themselves. Even when they do smile after a routine, it seems very forced and cold underneath. The same goes with their divers, swimmers, basketball players, etc.

The commentators here in the U.S. were pointing out that it's believed the Chinese Olympic Committee lies about the ages of their athletes in many sports, so it's possible many of them are underage. It's hard to tell the age of a gymnast, though, since they're all so physically underdeveloped. They might be muscular, but the majority of top-level gymnasts don't even enter puberty until after they stop training. I have a friend who competed nationally here, and she was 4'8" in high school and didn't get her period until she was 21. As soon as she stopped training, she grew 6" in height and went from needing no bra whatsoever to a B-cup in a matter of months.

There are gymnasts that compete at the top level here in the U.S. who are only 12 in some cases I've seen, but you can't actually compete in the Olympics until you're 16, though you can compete internationally. I'm not sure what the difference is between the Olympics and other international meets, but apparently they see one.

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