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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I always like the simple versions of things
no more fucking emo
There's a meme going around among support/abuse people right now which is filling up my friends page and vaguely annoying me. The basic gist of it is "put your real world contact details in a private post somewhere so that you can be tracked down if you get attacked or try to kill yourself or something like that". If you're interested, go read the original version of it.

Now, I won't deny that this probably isn't a bad idea, but I think my version of the meme has slightly more punch to it.

Don't kill yourself.

If you can also manage not to get attacked by other people then that would be nice too. But really, those three simple words up there will save your life.

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But have you considered the implications of this for people who reject livejournal memes out of the delusion that by doing so they're somehow above all the other conformists? ;)

rho killed me with the interweb: film at 11

Your meme is less effort to type, too.

See, it's kind of pointless, too. Because I like to think I have very good friends online who have my info, and I'm in daily contact with, so they can do emergency stuff if it really came down to it (which is unlikely, unless we have a freak storm that takes down the phonelines and I end up pinned under the the tree that came crashing through my window, and my friend suspect this only because I managed to say 'argh! timber!' before the phonelines went out). I also have their info, so my parents can let them know if I die in a freak accident involving a herd of llama and a tin of treacle.

/me smirks.

I've had a contact info entry. I've ALWAYS had a contact info entry. In fact, I have half a dozen of them, plus I live with another ex-supporthelp and abuse team member as well as the current admin of communities.

If I really wanted to kill myself, seriously truly, I WOULD NOT POST TO LIVEJOURNAL ABOUT IT. ahem. I do agree that all stops should be pulled out for suicide posts. Hell yes. But seriously, I could not see myself posting to LiveJournal to share the fact that I was going to kill myself in the next 2 hours, largely because I'd be sitting there typing a response to a comment and Kristan and Chris would attack me. :P

:hug: You need to join our commune for a week, chica.

Yes. I do. Quite apart from the whole high levels of niftiness inherent in the three of you, I rather suspect you'd be good for me, in the kick-up-the-backside sense. There are Other Things (tm) that are taking priority right now though.

Of course. But when you can, we'll be here. :)

ditto. i'd post private entries about it. i have a rule with myself that i'm not allowed to post a friends only entry about suicide until i'm at the place of "i considered this and decided against it and am just posting this so i know that backdoor is firmly shut." but i have a post of contact info anyway. and i'm not going anywhere, except hungary.

Yep. Good advice. I posted mine largely as a failsafe, in case something bizarre happens. I can see something like getting into a car accident in the middle of a phone post, for instance, or being assaulted (I've been assaulted before, so I take precautions). Having my info somewhere isn't a terrible idea in any case. If it's needed, I'd be glad it's there. If it's not needed, it harms no one to have it there.

I'm not going to kill myself. I'm not going to post about it in the extremely off change that I decide to do it. But it's for the emergencies, ya?

And now for something completely different...


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