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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Unlucky for some
delirium happy
Superstition is an interesting thing. Last night, I achieve freecell zen, winning 13 consecutive games (the secret, for me at least, is not to bother with trying to build tthe foundation, but to try to create order from chaos in the columns, and let the foundations take care of themselves). At that point, I decided that I was tired, so I was going to quit for the night, and post an entry here about my freecell zen. I noticed that I was at 13 games, and decided that if I posted this fact, someone would comment about it, so I decide to play once more to push myself on to 14 wins. Naturally, I was tired, made a stupid mistake and lost. An interesting case of a self-fulfiling superstition, I feel.