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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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We've accidentally driven into a dragon's mouth
delirium happy
I'm just curious as to how much other people's experiences of rail travel in this country match my own.

Poll #346674 station... of EVIL!

Which of the following train stations are instilled with the essence of pure evil?

Birmingham New Street
Bristol Parkway
Other (please state below)
I'm a merkin or other alien, or I don't travel by train, but i want a tickybox to tick anyway

State your other or provide additional information here


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Oops, I forgot the 'other' tickybox. I blame the bogon field radiated by such a dense concentration of evil.

*Reads what others have put* Hah! Leeds. Truly an evil evil station. 16 platforms (or was it 17?) all at different levels and each with an A,B and C. I got off one train at 2b, and had to shift myself over to 16c in the space of about 5 minutes. Thankfully my train was 40 minutes late :D.

And I'm too lazy to edit my answers, but Machester Piccadilly too. Truly evil station. Pretty. But evil if you need to jump trains in the space of three minutes.

Now Liverpool Lime Street. That's a LOVELY station. Only two places you can go.

I don't think I've ever actually been in Leeds station. Judging from the answers, I shall be glad of this fact. Manchester Piccadilly, I don't mind so much. It has a low level insipid annoyingness, but not the true evil of the likes of Crewe. I don't like the (no longer all that) new layout though. I keep getting lost in it by expecting it be laid out how it used to be. Bah.

Manchester Picadilly is okay but any train I ever get from there is on Platform 13/14 which is miles away from anywhere.

At least they have plenty of boards telling you information there though. I get twitchy when I can't tell when and where my train is going to be.

Platform 13 should be considered as its own station in the evilness stakes... The random allocation of trains to parts A, B and C. The fact that the whole thing's curved so you can't see a train at the wrong end. The gormless staff who make things up. The monitors that don't update properly. The guy who's permanently 40p short of the price of his ticket. The stairs. The n minute hike to the main platforms, where n is approximately two minutes longer than the time available to make the connection.

oh, i fucking hate those platforms at piccadilly. i have missed trains due to the evilness of those platforms.

Re Manchester Picadilly... as someone whos train arrives at platform 6 and who needs to run to catch a tram in high heels... I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Especially when it is raining as the roof leaks and the floor is old tiles and acts link an ice rink.

Ooops i meant Victoria not Picadilly.

My complaint about Picadilly is coming in on platform 13 and having to change to platform 3 and the lifts not working...

Birmingham New St.. *shudder* If ever a station needed rebuilding from the ground up, it's there..
Personally, Reading station's just naff. It just has a wierd feeling to it.
I'm going to nominate Southend Victoria for the list too, because that really is awful.. Very simple place, but the feeling of it makes me want to run very, very far away,
Never had a problem with Doncaster mind...

I like trains. Bristol Parkway only got my vote because once upon a time they made me run from one end of the station to the other repeatedly with heavy luggage over a footbridge with steps (randomly changing the platform my train was going to be on).

I feel a song coming on.

(and another not entirely unrelated one that actually has an mp3 to go with it)

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