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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Things that suck:

IRQ conflicts
Restarting windows
LiveJournal's FAQ

Things that don't suck:

Chocolate icecream

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Well, they make me spend money, which is bad. But on the other hand, I get books in return, which is good. But on the gripping hand, they can't possibly compete with directx in the evilness stakes.

Pantomime should have been on my list of things that suck as well.

On no they don't!

(sorry, unresistable!)

Best way to deal with DirectX is to uninstall it comletely and then install it from the scratch.

Want a DirectX removal tool? :)

Well, in the process of trying to get directx to behave, I've somehow managed to stop one of my graphics cards from working, so my main concern is to fix that. When that's done, then I might well try that approach to divx.

Having now at least managed to get my computer back up to the state it was in before I started trying to get directx to work, and after still having no luck at all with directx, can I change that to a "yes please"?

Just found it the guide to it, and the download link. The problem is - it is in Russian:


Download link:


Also it doens't mention WinXP, it was tested for Windows 95, 95 OSR2, 98, 98 SE, 2K.

Want a translation? :)

Ah... here's another remover. It's in English this time. Please be sure to read hints before using it:


Playing about with it now. Will get back to you in a while either to hug you with glee or cry at you that things still aren't working :)

*Crosses all available fingers* :)

Well, it sort of works. The thing that I was actually trying to get to run still doesn't work at all, but the thing that made me think it was a directx problem will actually run now, but not work properly. *whimper*


Did you try searching the net for hints? It helps sometimes. People tend to ask questions on different forums, the problem is to find them.

I have a love-hate relationship with DirectX. When it works, it tends to work very well and be good. The rest of the time it sucks harder than something with a lot of suck indeed.

I've given up and reinstalled the OS before now to avoid troubleshooting DirectX problems.

(Deleted comment)
You must have more patients than me then. I just tend to grab for the windows cd now when there is a problem.

Things that don't suck: [...]

+ Onion rolls with cream cheese.

LiveJournal's FAQ sucks a whole lot less since you've taken it in hand, you know. Every time I open a FAQ and see 'Last edited by rho' I rejoice. A most heartfelt thankyou and <3 for all the work you've done on that.

We hates software, we does

Things that suck:

Tell us all about it.

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