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FAQ poll
delirium happy
Today, I'm being pissed off with the LiveJournal FAQ. I mean, it's not as if anyone ever reads the damn thing anyway, right? Not that I blame them, given how much the whole thing sucks. So, a poll. As always, fit the closest matching option, then elaborate if you need to.

Poll #357119 FAQ you

Do you ever read the LiveJournal FAQ?

Yes, and I've found it helpful or useful
Yes, but it's such a cluttered mess that I found it hard to find anything there
Yes, I'm a (cureent or former) support volunteer or similar, so it's my "job"
No, I didn't know it existed until just now
No, I've never had any need to look up anything in it
No, it's too hard to find any useful information i it
No, I'm a support volunteer or similar and I have the whole damn thing memorised

Anything else? Care to elaborate?

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(x) Yes, but I've not found it particularly useful.

Elaboration: Obviously I've read it in the past due to it being my "job" and I currently have to read it when I'm trying to rewrite it. However, it's also true that I don't often have a need to look things up, both by virtue of having used the site for a year and a half before even noticing that FAQs existed and by virtue (if you could call it a virtue) of having things mostly memorized now.

Have I ever looked anything up, just for the purposes of knowing how to do it as a general site user? Yes. Have I ever looked anything up and found the FAQ helpful? Yes.

The FAQ is cluttered and too hard to navigate, and information isn't always in the most obvious place. This is impossible to fix without massive changes to the FAQ system.

The things I currently look up are things I would do better to check the site map for (ie. where the freak do I go to create a new syndicated account?) or I should just keep a list of on paper (console commands and short URL forms). So no, the FAQ isn't all that useful to me.

But you know the FAQ sucks so why am I telling you, beyond saying "it sucks"?

There were also things in the FAQ that were hard to understand for me, and didn't seem to relate enough to the Live Journal pages they were about.
I mostly tried to understand things from themselves, without using the FAQ, and avoided the things which I didn't have the background to understand or use (such as making changes to the design of my livejournal page).

I don't have too many issues with it, but I think that's because I memorize things so easily that once I find it, I know where it is. And I don't think I've had to actually look for anything in it in quite a while, I the frustration I may have felt at that moment has long passed.

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