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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Phone Post:
delirium happy
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“Um, yeah, this is my first ever phone post and I'm probably going to mess it up, but such is life. Um. Contrary to normal first phone posts that I happen to see here, I was, uh, talking to Andrea before and she came across a page on the web which had various phonetically spelled northern dialect phrases which I proceeded to shock and appall her by being able to understand. Uh, as such, this is now going to be my guide to northern dialect.


Astha gorrit withy? -- Have you got it with you?
Purremineer -- Put them in here
Thalafter gerra newun -- You will have to get a new one
Eesezitintiz - Burraberritiz -- He says that it is not his, but I bet that it is
Shut thigob -- Shut your mouth
Asta seenim ont telly? -- Have you seen him on the television?
It dunt marrer -- It does not matter
Lerruz gurrat pichurz -- I suggest that we go to the cinema
Lerrer geronbuz -- Let her get onto the bus
Thakken iftha wannts -- You can if you want to

Eh. Simple. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it.”

Transcribed by: sarianna

And for the curious, the page in question can be found here. And it would be nice if someone would transcribe this,because otherwise I'd be forced to listen to it, and I hate listening to my own voice.

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Eee! You did a real phone post! *goes to listen to it*

I'm almost certain you've done a phone post before, because I've heard your voice before. But I'm too lazy to go look for it.

I did a fake phonepost once, where I recorded it myself, uploaded it somewhere, and then manually inserted all the phonepost images and stuff like that, so it looked like a phonepost. This is definitely the first time I actually used the phone post feature.

Now why would you do something like that?

Probably either lack of easy access to a phone or concerns over international call charges. Or possibly both.

I understood about 30% of those northern phrases, but then I was never much of a Mancunian :)

I'm bookmarking that, cos it's funneh!


Tha's Yorkshire, that is!

Tha is Lancashire as well, ime. And the list has a bunch of different accents on it. I recognised a few as scouse and one or two as Geordie as well.

I recognised about 75-80% of them. The main problem that I had was with the spellings, and trying to figure out what sounds the spellings were meant to represent. Phonetic spellings suck and don't work.

That's just fantastic altogether. Especially the huge disparity in accents from about halfway through the translations :) You're fantastic. (you should also do more phone posts. Yes?)

That phone post just cracked me up. Thank you! Especially your oh-so-careful enunciation of the translations into standard English!

(Also, there are bits of second person singular in some of those, aren't there?)

Yes. Nobody got around to telling the folks from this part of the world that they'd gone obsolete. I wouldn't say that they're particularly common any more (unless you're listening to old people on local radio, for some reason), but they're common enough for me to be familiar enough with them to not bat an eyelid at them. And I'm now pondering the merits of effecting a stronger Lancashire dialect in my everyday speech, in an attempt to preserve first person singular pronouns.

(Deleted comment)
Manchester is northern, though it does have its own specific accent. If you know what Noel and Liam Gallagher from Oasis sound like: that's a fairly good example of a Manchester accent. My accent has traces of Mancunian in it, because the place I went to school was vaguely Mancunian but not really, but is mostly Lancastrian. But generally, to the untrained ear, I suspect that most north of England accents sound the same, with the possible exceptions of geordie and scouse.

And no, I don't think I have any point here, so I'll stop babbling.


Yeah, I remember the fake phone post, but it's always nice to hear someone speak. :)

This is still one of my favourite LJ posts ever. :3

Love you.

Also, wonder if maybe I can get you to say some of the other things on the original link. <.<

edited to add: oh god there are transcription errors. Things I couldn't hear ten years ago and now can and arghhhhhh dammit. Sorry, hon, it doesn't let me edit.

Edited at 2014-07-22 06:46 (UTC)

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