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Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I have notbeingwellitis
delirium happy
Things that suck about being ill:

Feeling generally crappy
Almost complete inability to do anything (for instance, standing up or breathing)
The way my body stops working properly, so minor problems such as my bad back or the abcess on my tooth become painful and annoying.
Excessive audio- and photo-sensitivity
Having my sleep patterns completely messed up

Things that don't suck qbout being ill:

It's a good excuse to eat lots of grapes. I think I've spent almost £10 on grapes since Thursday. Not only is eating grapes good in its own right, it's also caused me to encounter, for the first time in my life, a pair of siamese grapes: two grapes joined together at the end and on a single stalk. Which was interesting, and made me realise that I know approximately nothing about fruit biology.

The inability to do anything gives me a lot of time to think, about all sorts of stuff. Notably, I've been pondering representative democracy, its duties to minorities, and the importance of checks and balances; and the notion of Englishness,national and regional identity, and European federacy. These may turn into LJ entries at some point in the future when I'm more able to write longer entries. Or they may not.


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