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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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To go, or not to go, that is the question
no more fucking emo
I'm currently debating whether to go to my class tomorrow.

In favour of not going:

Extra sleep and another day of rest would almost certainly help me shrug off this Blasted Virus Of Doom some more
The only class I have tomorrow is a java class, much of which will be a labs type thing, just doing work, and I can catch up on that fairly easily over the week, either at home or on campus. There are also very good notes for this class on the web.
If I do go in, I'll probably be feeling lousy and not be able to work at anywhere near capacity.

In favour of going:

I need to go onto campus anyway to hand in work (though not until later than I'd have to if I go to class)
The guy who takes this class was away last week, and the guy who stood in was crap, so we probably have a fair amount of catching up to do.

I think I'm tending towards not going, but LJ polls are always the best way of making any decission. Comment if you have further suggestions, opinions, or whatever.

Poll #364339 Should I stay or should I go?

Should I go to my class tomorrow?


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Skiving Java classes is what keeps me sane...

That's classes, not Classes. Great thing about HTML, is that unlike speech you can do upper-case and courier font...

If you can avoid handing in work too, that would probably help. With these viruses if you overexert yourself before you're 100% you can make yourself iller for longer...

But then I am the one who has to try and keep kimble alive during university while ill... by persuading her to stay in bed more...


That's actually probably not a bad idea. I'd have to sign a self certification "ergh, I was ill" note, but that's fairly simple to do.

It may be worth noting that part of why I voted "no" is realizing that I shouldn't have gone out today. And I actually enjoyed what I did, it's just that I'll probably regret it for the entire coming week (Saturday next being the next time I can take it easy without losing a day's pay).

I only said yes because skipping one class leads to skipping more and you'll eventually find yourself in my position. ;-)

Plus, I'm currently dying from a sore throat that is making me cough up some fairly important internal organs, so if I have to suffer, you have to suffer, too.

Seconded. I find that if I skip one, the next eight follow likewise. :P

I'm just always in favor of going if you can muster the energy, because I'm a huge dork. The only time I missed class this semester, I was in the emergency room. so yeah. dork vote says go.

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