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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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More Ponderances over Monty Python's Michael Palin
delirium happy
I seem to be asking for so much advice and input recently; it's terrible. I swear that I don't just live my life on the basis of LJ polls and comments. But I'm faced with another uncertain decission here, and am wondering what people think again.

See, Michael Palin is doing a book signing of his newest travel book (Himalaya) at my university's bookshop tomorrow afternoon, and I'm not sure whether to go or not.

Reasons to go:

It's Michael Palin.
It's Michael Palin
It's Michael Fucking Palin

Reasons not to go:

It starts 3 hours after my last lecture tomorrow finishes, which means I would have to either stick around on campus, or get the bus home and then back in again, both of which would be awkward and annoying.
From talking to people, I get the impression that there are going to be a huge number of people there, and that queueus are likely to be massive.
I'm still really not feeling well and don't fancy lots of stanidng around in queues.
I have work that I need to catch up on due to being pretty much dead for four or five days
I'm not convinced that I'd want the book sufficeintly to spend money on it if it weren't for the guy himself actually being there.

I'm generally tending towards reluctantly not going, but polls are always fun, so:

Poll #365210 Michael Palin

Should I go to the Michael Palin signing tomorrow?


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Will there be a talk/reading before, or only a signing?

I think that there is a reading or similar, but I'm not certain. If I decide to make a decission based on whether there is or not, then I'll check tomorrow in between lectures.

Well, if you do go. And there is the risk of massive queues. And you have three hours to pass before it starts....

You'll be in a good position to get first in the queue.

If you don't go you'll probably end up kicking yourself for not going. If you do go you'll probably end up kicking yourself for going when you had other stuff to do, but you will have a signed book.

And n pounds less...

Yes, you spotted the one fatal flaw in my plan.

See, I can't answer this poll because it only has two possible answers, and I refuse to say either 'yes' or 'no'. So, um, my answer is do whatever you decide to do. Which would be a useless poll answer, as most people would pick it.

"Go not to the elves for advice"...

I'm only in favor if he's speaking in some manner. If he's just signing books and sending people on their way, it's not worth it. In that case, you're better off getting the book from a library and mailing his management for a signed glossy.

See, I'd say that you could go to the bookstore or wherever once you get out of class and use the three hours to get some rest so you feel less sick, get some of your work done, and find an early place in line.

The problem is that there's nowhere particularly restful that I could go on campus. Nowehere where I could be alone, or lie down, or get some sleep, or do any of the things that I expect to want to do to recharge at that point. And without having got any decent rest, my ability to do work will be limited.

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