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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Because I'm such a humanitarian...
delirium happy
People who need to have their fingernails ripped out, sharpened, and then used to poke their own eyes out with, number 412:

Anyone who wolf-whistles loudly and repeatedly outside my window at 2am in the morning.

Grumpy? Me? Never!

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"2am in the morning"?
the rho really needs sleep. *hug*

Well, if they're right under your window -- got anything droppable and unpleasant? I can't help but remember a friend telling me tales of dropping water balloons on people from her flat's balcony. *pets you* I hope they're not still doing it.

Kevs, I assume?

I suggest adding "painted in burberry stripes" to the list of things to do with their fingernails, ideally between the sharpening and the eye-poking. With any luck burberry-fingernail-induced blindness could become the next big kev status symbol[1]...

[1] Yes, I'm aware of the obvious flaw in that idea...

Ugh... gits... you're being too soft on them though!

What you mean by "number 412" anyway?

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