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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Things that suck, part n+1
delirium happy
Today, I saw a kev/townie/chav/scally/fuckwit-in-a-tracksuit (delete to preference) on a pogo stick. This scared me. The fuckers are bad enough already without also using offensive weapons.

In other news, I hate parcelfarce.

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... on a pogo stick?
wow. that's gotta be a first.

Just... picturing this Burberry mass bouncing by... it's a rather disturbing mental image.

Another term for your thesaurus - Ned.

I'm not clear n the distinction between the (newer?) word 'chav' and the word 'pikey'. From what I gather both might be seen in tracksuits or Burberry accessories, both might be seen at Poundsavers or parodied by Little Britain (comedy show).

Perhaps I need to go spend some time on urbandictionary.com, the answer might be there. :/

I don't think that any one word is any newer than the rest. Rather, it's a matter of regional usage, with different terms being prefered in different areas. I think that "chav" is fairly common in the south-east, around Kent and Essex for example, but I wouldn't swear to that. I've heard various etymologies, but none which would suggest it was a new word. They all mean exactly the same thing though, and yes, urbandictionary.com has some fairly good descriptions.

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