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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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My day, by me, age too much and three quarters
delirium happy
Around about 3am: Go to bed, feeling crappy. Decide to skive off java class in the interests of sanity and getting enough sleep. Set alarm clock for 11:30 since I needed to go in anyway to hand in work.

Around about 8am: Get woken up anyway by loud and obnoxious banging and beeping sounds coming from the building site across the street. Curse quietly. Attempt to go back to sleep, but fail due to having a sore lower back. Grumble. Decide to go and lie down on my front on the floor with my duvet on top of me in an attempt to get my back slightly straighter. Do manage to get a bit more sleep, though in fits and starts.

Around 11:15: Finally give up on getting any more sleep. Stumble groggily into the other room and onto the computer. Check my friends list: little of interest. Check my wikipedia watchlist: minor edits not labeled as such and with no edit summaries and reverts of vandalism; nothing of interest. Check my email: a bucketload of spam; nothing of interest. Go shower, wash, pull on clothes, pack bags, etc.

Around noon: Leave the flat. Go to the lift. Press the call button. Nothing happens. Wait. Nothing continues to happen. Give up and decide to go down the stairs instead. Encounter a man coming up the stairs who walks straight up the middle, oblivious or uncaring of oncoming traffic, and forces me to have to stop and squeeze up against the wall. Rest of trip to university is mercifully uneventful.

Around 12:30: Arrive in university. Head over to physics building to hand in work. See Dave and Elizabeth in there. The latter informs me I have my tshirt on inside out. And back to front. Tear one of the sheets of paper with my work on while ripping it out of the pad. Hand it in anyway. Go to pick up a set of this week's java work. There are none there. Decide that can wait until tomorrow and head home.

Around 1pm: Get off bus. Exit bus station. It's raining. Walk back to flat. The lift is open on the ground floor. Walk in. Press button for the fourth floor (aka the fifth floor if you're American, I believe). Once again, there is a complete lack of anything happening. Sigh, and walk up the stairs (4 flights, and a totaly of 76 stairs). Enter flat. Drop bag. Go to computer to write LJ entry.

I think that today may just be One Of Those Days.