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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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One thousand firey suns
delirium happy

Passion is something that interests me. We here about it all the time. A passionate embrace. A crime of passion. Passion rules reason. An empassioned appeal. Passion fruit. We all know all about passion. Passion is when your heart speaks, rather than your brain. That's not to say that things done in passion are stupid, although they certainly can be at times, so much as to say that acts of passion have more important parts to them than the purely logical.

In a way, I've never entirely understood passion. Give me pointy ears and a stupid haircut and I'd pass as a vulcan anyway of the week. I can stay calm under pressure; take a step backwwards and look at things objectively. I very much doubt that there are many people reading this who have ever seen me angry because it just doesn't happen very often. And this is a useful skill to have. Why on anyone want to lose objectivity, or the ability to think utterly rationally?

I had an epiphany about passion just earlier though. Passion is not the opposite of reason; passion is the opposite of depression. Passion is where your neurotransmitters are overflowing, and you can't not act. Passion is utmost clarity on an issue. Passion is belief held with firey conviction. Passion is standing up to be counted and saying "I will not stand for this, damnit". Passion is life. Passion is something I need to work on.

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Passion is also strong feeling.

Reason is, or can be, how we decide what to do with and about our passions.

Etymologically, it ties in with suffering (that's the Greek root παθος [pathos, a term rather devalued in modern English]). I think that makes some sense--etymology doesn't always [one of my favorite examples is that "archipelago" comes from a root meaning "sea", not "island")--in terms of why many people are cautious of passion.

sorry about this..you not knowing me and all, but I just wanted to thank you for helping me with the "authentication code" mess. I did get my new journal and everything is back to where it needs to be. so, thank you.

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