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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Miscelaneous Stuff (tm)
delirium happy
phoenixdreaming is over here at the moment, which has meant I haven't had much time for LiveJournal. Obviously. This entry is mainly to assure people that I'm not ignoring them; there have been several posts that I've seen and meant to read or reply to at some point, but haven't really had the time for. If there's anything I particularly should see, point me at it, otherwise there's a chance that I'll miss it.

So far, I've managed to convince phoenixdreaming to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Star Wars. Both of which she enjoyed. Naturally. And still a few more days to see what else I can get her to watch. Possibly The Empire Strikes Back would be a Good choice, as then she'd have almost no choice but to want to watch Return of the Jedi as well. Mwahaha.

And a somewhat belated happy mid-winter holiday of choice and Gregorian calendar rollover day to those who celebrate such things. I don't, so I shall be doing the "taking stock of the year gone and looking ahead to the year coming" in a few days time, since one arbitrary day is as good as any other, so I may as well choose one when I'm not otherwise busy.

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Actually, there are days that make *Sense*. Like, say, Winter Solstice.

Thing is... The year is *not* an arbitrary thing, it's a real expression of the shape of the universe around us. Having new year's day on the same day every year is the only thing that makes sense, and having a cultural reason to have it on some set day is fair enough... but the day of the solstice is the *right* day for it ;-)

No, no, no. It makes no sense at all. If we're trying to fit to the shape of the universe around us then we'd accept that the year didn't contain an integer number of days. Our current calendar, while eminently practical, is somewhat akin to fitting square pegs through round holes. If we're going with what makes sense then we should celebrate new year on a different day every (approximately 4) year(s).

And then there's the whole time thing. Why on earth do we celebrate the turn of the year at midnight? That's just to do with days, and days have nothing to do with years. Why not at the actual exact moment of the solstice itself?

And then there's the solstice itself, which is also a somewhat arbitrary thing. Relating more to how the sun appears in the sky than to anything else, it seems a rather arbitrary and messy way of doing things. Wouldn't the aphelion or periphelion of the earth's orbit of the sun be a much more natural moment to use?

In case anyone's keeping track, I've since watched The Empire Strikes Back, and will indeed have to watch Return of the Jedi. Damn rho's evil plans.

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