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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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From on the grapevine. Came some grapes.
delirium happy
Rumour has it that LiveJournal is going to be bought by Six Apart, who are the people behind Movable type and other such things. Now, personally I don't believe this for a second because I'm a naturally suspicious little wossname. However, if it did happen, this could only be a good thing because:

1. Someone with a competent business brain might have some sort of control over LiveJournal for the first time in its history.

2. There'd be a good chance that volunteer work would be phased out. This would mean:

a. No more fucking stupid drama.
b. Stuff that currently gets done half-heartedly would probably tend to get done well.
c. An easy time-sink would be taken away from my life.

3. Movable type is several orders of magnitude better than LiveJournal anyway.

4. Business people would probably want to shaft free users, so the site would get faster.

So here's hoping, right?

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1. Someone with a decent business plan would realize how much they could charge per year and get away with it.

2. All prices would increase tenfold, free accounts will be removed.

3. The community, which is all that makes LJ worthwhile, will go to shit.

The technical aspects, I can get elsewhere. The community, nowhere else. Six Apart buying LJ won't improve the community.

3. Sometimes I wonder if that's already happened.

I'm pretty much opposed, too. Brad may be an incompetent numbskull, but he's an open source geek. I trust him with my private material a hell of a lot more than I trust some conglomerate. I really don't think I'd feel comfortable having my journal here in that scenario.

That's what I think too. I keep my journal here, 'cause I trust Brad, and I am yet to find some other community which I can trust like I trust LiveJournal team.

Also I have no problem with trusting them with my credit card information, I am not sure, that I'll feel the same way with any other team.

(Deleted comment)
I agree with the other comments.

like the others I'm pretty concerned that all those free accounts go a long way to making the LJ community what it is...

What other people said, mostly the first two.

Just to add one thing about the 'loss of community' aspect some have touched upon, and this may sound a little callous, but...

Lately I've realized that I just wouldn't really care if this whole thing disappeared. Sure, I've met some interesting people, but most are just ephemeral acquaintances. I suppose this has something to do with my increasing realisation and decreasing cynicism concerning the proportion of the population that is worth knowing (definitely increasing). Concurrently I desire more close friends and fewer acquaintainces.

Or maybe I'm becoming even more cynical and realizing that nearly all relationships end. Or both, who knows.

Anyway, looks like I need to backup my entries and setup a multiuser blog on my own server. Ah well, I've planned to do that for a while now anyway.

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