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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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That was the year that was
delirium happy
So. 2004, huh? Well, it didn't suck. I think it can best be described as a year of consolidation and rebuilding. It wasn't perfect, but then what ever is? The lows of 2004 were much less severe than the lows of the previous years. Which is good.

Highlights of the year would be:

Having what seems to be a functional relationship. With nothing against any of my exes who I love dearly, it's been a long while since I've had anything that could be described in those terms.

Getting my own flat. I like the area a lot, and I like the flat a whole lot as well. And it's mine, and I have personal space, and all that lot.

Getting through a first year of university, at the third time of asking. And doing so with flying colours, no less. I'm not sure whether to be encouraged that I found it so easy, or discouraged because I didn't really have to develop a world ethic. But I can only face what's put in front of me.

About a year ago, I made "some random new year's resolutions that I [could] fail to keep", so I figured I'd look back on them to see how I did on them:

To return to the light side of the force

Yup. I think I did reasonably well on that front.

To pass the first year of uni

As stated already: yes, I managed this one.

To not die


To spend less time doing nothing

Another yes. Though I could still do to cut down on this.

To make the most of my independance

Hmm. Not really. But on the other hand, I have enjoyed having my own space a whole lot.

To take up at least one new hobby

Unfortunately, no.

To have some sort of relationship that isn't highly disfunctional


To keep on journalling

Just barely, but apparently so.

To travel abroad at least once

Unfortunately not.

To use the word "floccinaucinihilipilification" in everyday conversation

Miraculously, I did actually manage this on Christmas eve, without even remembering it was a resolution. Which was nice.

I was going to go on to discuss resolutions for 2005 in this entry as well, but I@m too tired now, so I'll get to them at a later date. Probably.

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world ethic

Freudian slip?

First year of uni is nearly always easy - pratically everyone goes through first year - hence it's not counted towards your final mark. First year is useful only to get everyone up to the same basic level needed to do the course - for example, for my Software Engineering course, I had to do lots of modules which was pathetically easy, one of which was "How to use MS Word". Some students there didn't know how to use MS Word, but the point of that is that the uni wants us all to be able to write reports, and get everyone up to the same level.

That said, I'm sure you'll get through 2nd and final year as easy tho.

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