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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I really do despair of humanity. The planet should be taken over by superintelligent baboons
delirium happy
I have two entries into today's "just why humanity is completely and totally doomed" competition. First off, overheard from a second year physics student, said in all seriousness, with regard to statistical mechanics: "I don't believe in probability anyway. So long as something is possible, it's just as likely to happen as anything else". I so want to play this guy at poker.

Then there was a sign that I saw while walking through campus today, which was looking for people to participate in a writing circle of some sort, and which bore the legend "Do u like to write?"


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Humanity /is/ completely and totally doomed. I agree. Especially after seeing these two items you listed. That is so bad about the writer's circle. Is it a bunch of teeny-boppers that think the only way to write is what is learned in chat rooms? U R 2 funny!!!! OMG!!!

The probability/possibility thing just cracked me up. Go whip his butt at poker, and then explain why it is possible that he could get a royal flush, but that the probability of that occurring has some really high odds. Silly know-it-all kids.

There's a flier on one of the free message boards downtown looking for "ambitious editor's with previous experience" for the community newspaper. Guess they really do need one...

*puzzled* I have at times wondered what'd happen if anything that is possible was equally likely, generally when considering what'd happen if I didn't believe in scientific induction, but after 0.2 seconds of screaming "Help! What if I turn into a marshmellow whenever I move!" I decided to go with the traditional statistics.

"Help! What if I turn into a marshmellow whenever I move!"

Hahaha. That's just as likely as the sun rising tomorrow, too! Better not move.

And yet, while, say, going to heaven for being good, and going to heaven for being bad, might seem equally possible, people, eg. Pascal, persist in ignoring the second and saying "the first is POSSIBLE" so...

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