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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Remember folks, you heard it here first
delirium happy
Now, I know that there's been some random hysteria since LiveJournal was bought out by Six Apart, based upon rumours that the latter was going to be bought out by Yahoo. I can exclusively reveal, right here, that this is not going to be the case. While Yahoo did show interest, they were outbid at the last minute by a new mystery corporation.

Through my wide network of sources, I have uncovered the identity of this corporation; it is a newly formed company currently known only as OwnzCorp, which was formed by a merger of Nestlé, Microsoft and News Corporation in association with the Record Industry Association of America.

Company executive Bill Gates was gracious enough to offer us a few minutes of his time to answer a few of our questions. We started off asking about their plans for LiveJournal. When asked if OwnzCorp planned on adhering to LiveJournal's guiding principles and keep the site free from adverts, Gates's response was "Hahahahahahaha! That's a good one!" As far as keeping the code for the site largely open source, his only comment was "How do you mean 'continue'? LiveJournal has never been open source. All other sites using our code are violating our copyright and can expect to hear from our lawyers."

Gates also commented that as a company, they were initially planning to consolidate upon their core competencies of killing babies, screwing people over and producing crap reality TV shows. At this point, they would then start to work, in conjunction with the US government, to repeal such inconvenient pieces of legislation as the constitution of the USA and the Geneva convention on human rights, which currently serve as a gross impediment to the proper pursuit of capitalism. LiveJournal will be used in this stage of the OwnzCorp's development, with people's entries being automatically edited to give the impression of public support.

Personally, I'm entirely opposed to all of this, and am planning on moving away from Li completely in favour of this. I believe that OwnzCorp is the future. Go OwnzCorp!

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Doesn't it just figure that the first time I went to reply to this, I got a "database temporarily unavailable" message?


Actually, I was just going to ask if I'd told you about the nightmare I had, back when I was working Support, that MS bought out LiveJournal. Naturally, I never gave it much credence.

Your post made me chuckle... and reminded me of that dream. I had it when I was learning about open-source and really getting into the ideas/ideals of it, I think. And I watched Antitrust again - have you seen the movie? Y'might enjoy it.

the nightmare I had, back when I was working Support

Aren't those the same thing? ;-)

Buah ha ha ha! Thank you! I'm am muchly amused now. :P

I, for one, welcome our megalomaniac overlords.

Heh. I used a variation of that when the SixApart news broke. One of Kent Brockman's best quotes ever.

mmm, just like yellow crack!

Thanks for the giggle. I needed it this morning.

You're scaring me now :( Please be a little gentler on us poor gullible people?

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