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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
It's that time again. I'm starting to get bored of my default userpic. But as I suck at anything graphical, and as I generally don't care about userpics, I'm not going to make/find myself a new one. So my request to all my userpicy friends out there is this: make a new userpic. Have it be whatever you feel like. You know me, and what would suit me. It doesn't have to be particularly good or anything, because it's got to be better than anything I'd come up with. Make me more than one if you want to. And then I'll most likely just upload all of what everything makes me. Yes, I know I'm lazy, but this method worked well for me last time I tried it.

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But, but, but I LOVE that peek-a-baaaa icon.

You should use the blinkie I made you again. Because it's just *so* you. :D.

I wish I knew some good math jokes. I'd make you a userpic with a bunch of math jokes in it.

There's no such thing as a good maths joke. With maths jokes, the worse they are, the better.

My favourite ones are: integral 1/cabin dcabin = beach hut, because it's log cabin + C


What do you get if you cross a pencil and a banana?
|pencil| |banana| sin(theta) r-hat

Then what do you get if you cross an elephant and a mountain climber?
You can't: a mountain climber's a scaler.

(Only written out with proper maths symbols and stuff)

How about the maths limerick "\int_1^{\sqrt[3]{3}} t^2 dt \times \cos \frac{3\pi}{9} = \log\sqrt[3]{e}"? (I might be slightly off with the notation and/or the numbers.)

I don't know the notation you're using there, unfortunately.

\int_{1}^{\sqrt[3]{3}} z^2 \, \mathrm{d} z \; \cos \frac{3\pi}{9} = \ln \sqrt[3]{e}

That image has "z", which only makes the limerick work if you use an American pronunciation. Using "t" instead makes it work with English/Canadian(/Australian?) pronunciation, too:

See also the little page I made around that image, which also includes how to read the equation as a limerick.


(Though I always say the limits of a definite integral before I say the integrand when saying it out loud)

I'm not sure I could shrink it, but I still stand by

Change it to an animated icon?

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