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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Question answers
delirium happy
barakta -- Why for the love of sleep are you also awake at 06:00ish?

Because my sleep patterns are unutterably broken. I woke up at about 20:00 yesterday, and then at about 21:00 today.

alsatia -- If, by some horrifying stroke of bad luck, you ended up stuck with me for a day...what do you think we'd do first?

Knowing us, we'd probably giggle nervously for a little while, then maybe have a small uncomfortable silene, and then start talking about LiveJournal. Probably about how much we hate the FAQ or something like that.

phoenixdreaming -- I feel narcissistic. (well, tired, really.) How'd you describe me?

That's a difficult one. I try not to describe anyone if I can help it, other than for identification purposes (the one with the straight brown hair in the red coat) because it doesn't seem like my place. It's up to a person to come up with their own self-definition, and it's up to others to decide what they think of them. However, this seems like something of a cop-out answer, so I shall say this: the one quality that defines you most for me is your energy, life and enthusiasm; you're excitable and eager and other such things which are a breath of fresh air to a jaded old soul like me.

pne -- Did you consider doing another rhoisnuts for Red Nose Day this year?

I did, but I decided against it for two reasons. For one, I didn't just want to do a straight repeat. If I were to do it again, I'd want to do something at least slightly new, something inventive and different, and I just couldn't think of anything that took my fancy (suggestions welcome).

Secondly, my mental state isn't at its best just now, and I really don't have the energy to be doing something of that ilk. So my contribution to this year's red nose day was just a straight donation.

conuly -- If a body meet a body coming through the rye, and a body kiss a body, need a body cry?


acerbic -- how many pairs of shoes do you have?

Discounting ones that have fallen apart, or that I grew out of when I was 11, or that have managed to make their way to the back of a long forgotten closet and ben eaten by the closet monster, I can think of 6 pairs.

windiain -- Are you looking forward to the better weather, or dreading the heat?

Dreading the heat, every time. Summer doesn't agree with me, at all. Heat makes me drowsy and grouchy and sulky. And it's so much harder to keep cool in the heat than to keep warm in the cold. And this winter hasn't been particularly cold anyway. I've been plenty warm enough just wearing a tshirt and a light jacket out on all but 2 days that I can think of. And I hate when it's too hot to wear my jacket, because then I lose two extremely useful poskets. And then there's the whole pollen issue. Not looking forward to that one at all. And the not getting dark until late, meaning that the scallies and the schoolkids are out longer.

sarianna -- What is it that you don't want to tell me, in detail?

I don't want to tell you that I'm actually a close friend and ally of George W. Bush and that he sent me to spy on you, and that I've just finally accumulated enough evidence for you to be given the death sentence for treason.

Fortunately, I think I'll be spared ever having to tell you that one.

jenmcd -- How did you get started in support?

Well, I was bored... Actually, I'm the sort of person who would read the FAQ for fun, and I read a lot of the lj_ communities, and I generally knew how LiveJournal worked rather well. And I noticed that a lot of my friends would go to me when they needed tachnical support. "Hey, rho", they'd say (only they wouldn't because I hadn't ever used the name rho back then), "do you know how to do such a thing?" "Why certainly", I'd reply, "just go this page and select the doodah from the dropdown". Then one day, I got bored, so I decided that I may as well try answering the questions from people who weren't my friends as well. So I did. And then I ended up getting just a little bit carried away.

And that's the lot for now. Still want to ask a question? Do so!

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I was looking at air-conditioners on B&Q today. there were some at around £300 or so - less than a new computer - and now might be a good time to get one, before it gets to summer and people remember it does get hot in england.

We have one from B&Q a dlightly bigger than needed one cos it's more efficient (kim said so must be true) it's been SO worth it. If nothing else you can drop the room temp and more importantly decrease the humidity in the room making it bearable.

Kim went from having horrible allergies since I met her to being bearable last year... A combination of new medication taken from Feb onwards and the aircon helped a great deal. Being able to dry out the room helped and she didn't have to open windows to cool down.

Best 250 quid I ever spent. I'd do it again.


My son has bad allergies, specifically to various molds and mildews. The allergist said to not let it get warmer than 75°F in the house, and to keep the humidity down. That helps to control the growth of any nastiness. My electric bill isn't pretty in the summer, but my son's health is worth it.

*nods* Makes sense. My girlf has allergies related to triggering her asthma off and making her unpleasantly ill. I kicked off at the doctors to send her to a special allergy clinic because the GP wasn't taking her seriously.

The allergy clinic was really helpful. They added a metric tonne of meds to her usual ones and explained that some meds needed to be taken in an unusual way and not like most people expected (us included). They also did a basic allergen test so we know what she's most allergic to.

She seems to be massively allergic to grass pollens, which is why the summer is dangerous for her, she's very allergic to dust mites, tree pollen and dogs but allegedly not cats. We didn't know about the dust for sure, and we had no idea that grass was quite SO bad as it was.

We got an airconditioning unit which is specced for a room bigger than this. The girlf is an electrical engineer type so knows about power and loads and electric consumption. She said a larger unit needs to be run less often and is more efficient. I haven't noticed evil electric bills above and beyond the considerable expense of running a server and several computers all the time anyway.

We also find that we can use the aircon unit as an air filtration system after vacuuming or exposure to allergens cos the filter gets a large proportion of the dust out of the air and prevents continual re irritation. It also means we can keep the windows closed and pollen out while not overheating for the 3 weeks a year that the UK is hot.


Heehee. Whoever created 'central heating and air conditioning' should be given god-hood status. I wouldn't have been able to survive southeast Texas heat and humidity otherwise.

And it's so much harder to keep cool in the heat than to keep warm in the cold.

I always say, "it's easier to put more clothes on than strip your skin off." Probably inspired by a Shel Silverstein poem I read years ago that I couldn't possibly remember even the name of now.

Sleep patterns suck.... I seem too want to sleep at 9am for about 4 hours and then not sleep at all the rest of the time...

Hope yours improve or I'll have to start sacrificing things for the both of us.


You're a nut. But the good kind, not the kind that causes me to vomit profusely. :)

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