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delirium happy
English Cardinal compares abortion with Nazism. I'm calling Godwin's law. The Catholic church has now lost the argument on abortion. Nothing further to see here.

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Can you call Godwin's law for the entire Catholic church when only one Cardinal was that stupid? I think we either need a majority of anti-abortion Catholics saying this, or the Pope.

Alas, you're probably right. I can call it for the entire Catholic church in England and Wales though, which is a start.

I think you can, and I assert this because the Catholic Church (particularly under the current Pop) is very firm on adherance to doctrine and on rooting out heresythe slightest disagreement. Therefore as they all stand together, they all Godwinate together.

Considering their widely-noted lack of objection to the Nazis at the time, the Cardinal's statement presumably means they support abortion.

But then they would be calling themselves Nazis, and the implications of that could have serious ramifications on the application of Godwin's Law.

The pope said something similar in his recent book.

You know, that's a very satisfying thought. :D The Cathlic church... Godwinated. *sporfles*


Thankyou for that sense of perspective and amusement on this fine day.


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