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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Reminiscence of high school chemistry
delirium happy
This was originally a comment at sarianna, but it ended up being a vaguely interesting reminiscence, so I figured I'd post it here too. I occasionally mean to use this journal for posting random reminsicences, but never seem to. Since I've just written one, it would seem a shame not to, though.

I used to always have big arguments with my chem teacher in the middle of class. They'd go something like this:

Chem teacher: So, if you think of it like this, it's a really simple and intuitive way of doing it, and it's really elegant and cool.
Me: Wouldn't it be easier to look at it like this though?
CT: No, that's a really dumb way of looking at it.
Me: Is not. It makes sense to me. Much better than your dumb-ass method.
CT: Yes, but that's because your a physicist, and physics is for doody-heads.
Me: Is not!
CT: Is too!
Me: You suck!
CT: Chemistry is way better than physics!
Me: No way!
CT: Yes way, Ted.

And so on and so forth. Only without quite that level of pettiness, immaturity and name calling. Though we came close on occasion.

The thing was though, despite all the arguing in class and pissing off the rest of the class, we actually tended to get on very well. For his part, he was a really smart guy, and an excellent teacher. And for my part, I was shit hot at chemistry. I was crap at the practicals. I'd add one colourless liquid to another colourless liquid, and miraculously end up with yet another colourless liquid, when it was meant to turn fluorescent orange and explode.

When it came to the theory and understanding though, I really was shit hot. I understood pretty much all of it effortlessly, was alert to any mistakes he might make, asked the odd probing question when he was trying to use Lies To Children, and so on.

He actually tried to convince me that I should apply to read chemistry at Oxbridge, though he was always at least somewhat half-hearted about it. I think he recognised that he didn't have a cat in hell's chance of converting me to the dark side that is chemistry.

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Ah, lovely chemistry... I also did well on the written part of it, but couldn't mix chemicals to save my life. I did much better in Physics.

You've gone and made me think about my high school chemistry and physics days. I took astronomy in college, which had a lot more physics in it and no labs. Thank goodness!

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My lab book was the greatest exercise in results forgery humanity has ever seen.

So that's why my forgeries only got a B+... ;-)

That was pretty much me with chemistry too. Fantastic at theory, terrible at the actual mixing chemicals together, snarky but wonderful teacher, feeble attempts to persuade me to go into chemistry... Though in my case it was biology that won out rather than physics.

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