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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Creepy conservatives
delirium happy
Pope Benedict the whateverth reminds me a whole lot of Michael Howard (UK leader of the Conservative party). They both have that look of "I'm trying really hard to look kindly and benevolent, but failing horribly". It's as if they've heard of the concepts and have heard that they'd probaby be popuar, but that they don't actually understand it. Sort of like a carving of a swan by someone who's never actually seen a swan.

Of course, it doesn't work for either of them. Even if we didn't know better from their past records, they just look so damn creepy. I'm still watching out for either of them walking past a mirror just so I can check that they do actually have a reflection.

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Oh, the pope probably does have a reflection. It's the keys to the Inquisition torture chambers in the basement of the Vatican you have to worry about with him.

There's a thought - pit the pope and michael howard against each other in a final vampire v. church showdown, and they can anihalate each other. :P

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