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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Random Snippet
delirium happy
I've been feeling an odd compulsion recently to print out a whole bunch of signs saying "dry paint" and to attach them to random, painted objects, just to see how people would react to them.

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Is there any way you could capture the reactions on video? If so, I strongly encourage you to do this and share with us all. :D

As if by magic this link appears in one of my mailfolders...

Put "Do Not Inhale — Chemicals May Provoke Contact High" in smaller print on the bottom, then see how many teenagers sniff like crazy.

I wouldn't touch them. I'm a bit paranoid, so I'd assume that a sign that says "dry paint" was posted by an evil mastermind who painted a wall with wet paint and is now trying to get them to touch it.

My first thought would be to take "dry" as a verb, indicating, like, "Paint is drying".

I'm amused. And it'd make a decent experiment. If I'd thought of it many years ago, I'd have thought of some excuse to do it for a class and gotten credit for it. :)

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