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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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delirium happy
Another of my random thoughts for the day:

I've finally figured out the reason behind the name of the Veritas party! It's an acronym.

Veritas: Vain Egocentric Racists, Ignorant Twits and Attention Seekers.

(For the foreigers here who won't be famiiar with Veritas, here's the brief rundown: Robert Kilroy-Silk used to be a Labour paty MP, many years ago. He then went off to host a daytime TV talkshow on the BBC, which was very inane, and featured Kilroy-Silk being disingenuous and judgmental. Eventually, he was sacked by the BBC for being a racist bastard. He then joined the UK Independance Party, a right wing party whose main stance is that Europe is Bad and who generally say all the thing that your average right wing politician would want to say but not do because they recognise how unpopular and contraversial it would be. He then got elected to the European parliaent, and quickly announced his intention to not do his job but get paid anyway, to try to ruin the process of the European parliament. Later, he tried to gain the leadership of UKIP, but failed, so he left the party in a huffto set up his own new party: Veritas. As you may guess, neither he nor his party has very much credibility.)

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