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hats and bras
delirium happy
Signs you'e been on LiveJournal for too long: #419)

Today, in my quantum mechanics class we were discussing expectation values of operators. The notation for this is along the lines of <Ô> (a letter with a hat on inside a set of angle brackets). All I could think of, every time I wrote this down was "hey, that looks sort of like the little community icon on LJ".

I'm hopeless, I know.

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I would have sooner thought that it looked like an ascii vulva, which is ({Ô}) if I remember rightly (looks better in a different font probably).

Arrrgh! I hate you now! :)

*compares* <Ô> cooking (sorry, was the first thing I could think of)

Oh, sorta. but the hat is on the bottom and the round dude on top.

OMG, that's hilarious. Yes, you are an elljay junkie. I wonder if there's an LJ equivalent of AA...

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