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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I've voted; have you?
delirium happy
I have now cast my utterly futile vote for a third party candidate who stands no chance of winning in this constituency, and whose party wouldn't have a chance of forming a government even if he did. Thusly have I ensured my right to bitch about Tony Blair for the next five years. Or rather, to bitch about Tony Blair for the next couple of years until Gordon Brown takes over, and then to bitch about Gordon Brown. Hurrah!

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The elections are "dominated by anger with Prime Minister Tony Blair's support for the Iraq war", but mostly on the grounds that there's nothing to really complain about. It's a good sign for Labour that the best thing the other parties can think of to stir up trouble about is foreign policy, which people don't care about anywhere near as deeply as things which actually affect them like the NHS; it means they haven't vastly screwed up anything in this country that we've noticed yet, and hence are probably going to stay in power.

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