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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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I've voted; have you?
delirium happy
I have now cast my utterly futile vote for a third party candidate who stands no chance of winning in this constituency, and whose party wouldn't have a chance of forming a government even if he did. Thusly have I ensured my right to bitch about Tony Blair for the next five years. Or rather, to bitch about Tony Blair for the next couple of years until Gordon Brown takes over, and then to bitch about Gordon Brown. Hurrah!

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We do have term limits, we just don't have a fixed term. The maximum term for a parliament is 5 years, but elections are usually called before that time, at a time when the government thinks that things are relatively favourable for them.

It's unsurprising that Clinton supports Blair, since they're politicaly and ideologically very close. Blair really isn't too bad except for the Iraq fiasco, and the lying about it. His style of government is fairly bad, and there are several of his policies that I don't like, but in terms of running the country, I'll grudgingly concede that he's not done too bad. And he's certainly a whole lot better than the main alternative, which is the Conservative party and Michael Howard, both of which are thoroughly ghastly.

I'm also not really sure how Blair could lose but his party win. I'm not sure how much you know about our voting system, but it works like this: The country is split up into 647 (I think!) constituencies. Each constituency then runs on a first past the post system, and returns an MP (member of parliament). The party which has the majority of MPs then forms the government, with their leader as the prime minister. So providing Blair wins his constituency of Sedgefield -- and it's very unlikely that he won't -- then how he does ad how his party does are exactly the same.

646 constituencies, and only 645 are being fought tonight because the MP for Stafford (?South) died.

No, the Lib Dem candidate died. He hadn't been MP and was unlikely to be elected.

Indeed -- apologies for the brain-fingers disconnect there.

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