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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Comment whoring (bored now)
neopets, batting my eyelashes
I'm currently feeling that most dangerous of combinations, which is bored and lazy at the same time. As such, I'm turning to you guys to entertain me. Comment here with something to entertain me: a secret, a confession, a story (true or otherwise); tell me what you really think of me, or what you'd like to do with me if we spent time together; berate me for something dumb I've done, or praise me for something nifty; write down whatever you're feeing. All comments are screened, and will remain that way unless you specificly ask for them to be unscreened. I've also temporarily enabled anonymous comments, for in case any of you feel like making anonymous confessions or something.

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Did you finish taking the pictures?

What do you *really* think about that keyboard?

If I decided to move to the UK, what area would you suggest I move to and why?

(You can unscreen this if you feel like it.)

Not yet, no. Party due to the aforesaid laziness, and partly due to some of them (fire, the bridge) requiring that it be nightime, and my sleep patterns not doing so well at that.

I realy thought of it what I said in the other comment I made at you about it. There are one or two minor annoyances, but that's to be expected, and I suspect they're generally fixable once I actualy get around to fixing them.

I'd have to recommend north-west England, because it's where I grew up, and where I live, and I generay like it a whole bunch. It's a whole lot cheaper than living down in the south, you've got a nice big city nearby in Manchester, there's lots of really nice countryside nearby, the people tend to be plain-talking, and it's just generaly the best. Or something.

That's cool about the keyboard. I didn't know if you were secretly cursing me for convincing you to get one... I have a question for you on it though. You got the 2030, right? It didn't look like it was set up quite like the 2020. My one concern was the Num Lock key. On the 2020, it is conveniently placed so that I can hit it with my left index finger. I can't remember where it was placed, but it seemed to be elsewhere on the 2030. I still haven't ordered one for myself, but I will have to soon. I just wanted to know what your impression was on some of those key placements so I could figure out if I wanted the 2020 or the 2030.

I haven't actually had cause to use numlock yet, so I'm not sure whether that will make me change my mind entirely. On the 2030, it's right up in the far top-right corner, just to the right of F12. I can't imagine that being too bad though, since that's just near where the actual numpad itself is.

(Screened comment)

Re: my confession

I can't think of anything. I could possibly find something if I searched through old IRC logs for ong enough, but I'm not that bored yet. :)

(Screened comment)
Interesting. All of it, that is. I'm curious about one thing though: who said that about me?

(Screened comment)
They are yes. I'm finding that at the moment as well, though probaby for a different reason.

May you do whatever is right for you, and find much happiness in it.

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