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delirium happy

Just keep on trying till you run out of cake

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Knowing the answer is important
delirium happy
In today's exam, I was sat in seat number 42. There was something somehow reassuring to know that no matter how stuck I got on a question, I would always have The Answer to hand.

(and FWIW, the exam went fairly well: the first section didn't suck, and while the second section did suck a moderate amount, that's one of the classes where I missed over half the course, and several other people said it was nasty, so I'm not too worried)

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If it was seat number 42, are you quite sure you'd have the Answer to hand? Or would another body part be more appropriate....


Glad the exam went well!

There was a (fairly) big sign sat on the desk saying "42" on it, so to hand would seem appropriate.

The American form (to my ears, others may chime in at will) would be "...have The Answer at hand."

I love Britishisms.

I've been spending a huge amount of time watching Are You Being Served? and I am very very unhappy that EastEnders isn't available for me to see. Very unhappy, did I mention?

Next up: Are You Being Served? (the movie), and Grace and Favour.

In my next life, I want to be Mr Humphries.

Father Ted is my new old favorite. I'm totally addictecd to BBC's new Doctor Who, and I grew up watching the Britcoms on PBS. I love Are You Being Served?

Yay for 42! And which shirt did you end up wearing? We all know you're a genius (wanna be a cranky little super-genius like Mack?) so we had no doubt that you would do well even if you never went to class.

I actually ended up in a Shakespearian t-shirt: "the naked truth of it is I have no shirt" -- loves labours lost. This was worn on the grounds that it was less likely to tempt fate, and on the grounds that it was actually clean.

That's a good reason. :)

If it weren't for my undying hatred of Shakespeare (I know, I know), I would absolutely buy a shirt reading that.

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